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My Entry Into Social Media

by Carolyn Hasenfratz

Facebook profile for Carolyn HasenfratzEverybody is talking about Social Media. Sites like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress and Flickr are becoming household names. I’ve been curious about what is going on out there for a long time but it took me awhile to put my toe in the water of the Social Media pool. Why? I had several of my own “traditional” web sites and I didn’t see the need for it at first. I added links on my sites to the blogs, MySpace pages and photo sharing sites of several friends, without feeling compelled to immediately get one of my own.

Then we started our business blog here at Webinar Resources. Blogging had become part of my job description, but it quickly became much more than that to me. Web sites are not only part of what I do for a living, they are a personal passion, and I never get tired of finding new ways to get people to come to them. With all the millions of sites out there screaming for attention, why not use whatever advantages you can find? One of the first things I did after my first blog post was to figure out how to syndicate my posts to several of my own web sites. Content is what draws visitors, and it takes valuable time to create good content, so any way to leverage what you’ve created is a bonus.

My next move was to respond to an invitation from a friend to get a Facebook account and join her friends list. Like many other similar services, Facebook offers the ability to create online photo albums. That’s an obvious incentive for potential users of this service, as so many of us now have digital cameras or cell phones that can take pictures. Photography is one my hobbies, so with lots of content to choose from, I immediately started to upload photos, and to link to the resulting collections from one of my other web sites that already contained photo pages. And to leverage the content even more, I put a Facebook badge on some of my other web sites that contains browseable thumbnail images of photos I’ve recently added.

It’s easy to see how such tools could enhance your social connections. But what about business? Can Social Media help businesses with lead generation and the customer acquisition process? I’ll explore that question in a future blog post.

Give ALL your customers a Personal Presentation!


We recently assisted a customer with a webinar that focused on reducing the total cost of support while improving the total customer experience.


Our customer had some great graphics and statistics on how customer service affects customer retention, and how companies can serve their customers profitably as we are now mid-way through 2008.  Back in the day, my grandparents knew of only 2 ways to approach customer service:  1:–Go to the store or place of purchase,  2:  Call the company.

Now, there are more options for assistance round the clock:   1-on-line self-help, 2-email Support, 3-Voice support, 4-fee based support, 5-on-site support, and more.


Ironically, I was loading his presentation into Brainshark for replay, and while I was timing the slide animations to synch with the audio, it hit me how powerful a Brainshark replay could be in customer service.


Searching through a company’s online self-help manual can be a daunting task.  It’s usually only a couple steps better than  the electronic version of the product manual that comes in the box (or in the contract), anyway.


How much better to have access to a presentation–complete with audio and great graphics to illustrate the points.  Because you can pick and choose which slides to view–or watch them all in succession, if you want, you now have a multi-media solution with a human voice attached to help you determine the root of your dilemma.


Every company already has the data—all it takes is a one-time presentation with a speaker, and you now have the tools to reach every customer with web access.

You can view sample Webinar for ONE presentations at:




Blogging in the early morning

It is almost 4:00 am and I have realized that I have not posted a blog lately.   The wonderful thing about blogging is that you can do it at anytime of the day.   It is best to blog when it quiet.

Now that I can get my thoughts together, I can start thnking about how I am going to put the presentation together on customer acquisition for my customer this week.   We just created a great HTML email with an embedded Brainshark presentation that was recorded by a guest speaker for our customer’s event.   With this interactive web presentation we can quickly gain viewer’s interest and launch a call to action for the viewer to register.   We have many types of examples we have created for the customer to create effective lead generation.   As I think more about it, the applications we have created are my presentation.

I will blog more as I travel this week and will be posting some interesting new technology that you might want to see and hear as you develop your marketing campaigns.   Is the pen mighter than the keyboard for blogging?  Stay tuned for the answer.