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Connections ’08 – ExactTarget Users Conference

by Carolyn Hasenfratz

Mark, JoAnna and I just got back from the ExactTarget users conference, Connections ’08, which was held in Indianapolis earlier this week. We brought back a lot of new information and inspiration about email marketing, lead generation, social media, customer acquisition, and more. I’ll be blogging about some of the topics that inspired me soon. In the meantime, here is a link to some photos of the conference. Enjoy!

Get Them There with a little extra info.!

Have you ever hosted an event and during your last hours prior, spent hours on the phone and email clarifying the details for the participants, when what you really need to be doing was preparing for the event, itself?

You drive customer acquisition through events, but the marketing tools you use to get them to your event or location can dramatically improve attendance and lead generation.

When you put time into a beautiful html invitation, include links that will provide an on demand presentation that explains how register, how to get there, and what’s expected of them once they are there.

Don’t assume that what you think is obvious will be obvious to everyone.  Of course it’s obvious to you–it’s your event!

An email-embedded movie or short brainshark presentation can provide the “over your shoulder” instructions that can make all the difference between clarity and confusion for your customers.

Here is how I determine if my instructions have been clear:  I imagine my 86-year-old grandmother reading them.  If she could rsvp and/or register per my instructions, then I know it’s good. Don’t assume your typically technically-minded audience will make the same assumptions you do.

Another tip for getting your customers there–provide an incentive.  Offer a clue word or key in the registration acknowledgement, and for all who present that clue or key at your event–reward them with something meaningful to them–a coupon to apply towards your services or products, or a handy item that complements either your services, product, or event at hand.

Our customers who have the most success in the customer acquisition process typically are more savvy with the both the information they provide to their prospects, and they way that they provide it.

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