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Discovering the Discovery Light at Graph Expo

We have launched personalized marketing campaigns before but last week we had the opportunity to announce an event and related website using personalized landing pages. Using ExactTarget and their new landing page feature, we were able to create a customized landing page for each of our customers attending this week’s Graph Expo Printing show in Chicago.  

The invitation was used to increase customer acquisition for attendance at the booth where we are showcasing a book and invention  – the Discovery Light and Discovery Light educational materials 

Author/Inventor Louise Donovan

The author/inventor, Louis Donovan, is here with us in Chicago and is talking to customers about the product.   We are getting rave reviews on the book and the concept.

The Discovery Gang book contains hidden text that can only be revealed with the Discovery Light.   The book combined with the Discovery Light add a new dimension to learning to read while making reading fun.

We also are launching which contains more information about the Discovery Light.   One of the pages of the site contains an embedded Brainshark presentation that includes a YouTube video that Louise produced.

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting product.

How to Acquire Customers and Influence People with Personalization

Dale Carnegie’s famous quote “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language” is still a valid lesson when approaching people.   Everyone likes to be called by their name and have their name remembered.

Mr. Carnegie didn’t realize the impact that today’s technology could have in influencing people to take an action, especially when personalization is involved. 
We have all seen the personalized approach marketing campaigns have taken in addressing the recipient by their first name and including variable data in the communication that is related to the recipient.  Personalized communications are an open door to a conversation with a prospect, a partner or an existing customer.
The latest breakthrough technology for personalization is the ability to convert text into personalized images.  A recipient’s name can now be an image emblazoned across a label on a wine bottle or carved into a piece of fine wood.   This approach takes personalization to a new level.

Imagine seeing your name embossed on a director’s chair?   Would you be more likely to learn more about the message behind the link or in this case, your personal name on an image?

We recently modified a webinar replay follow up email and inserted a personalized director’s chair in the body of the email.  We predicted that the personalized image would increase click-throughs to the Brainshark presentation (webinar replay) that was linked to the recipient’s personalized chair.  The results of the campaign were significant with dramatic increases in:

  • click-throughs – 50% increase
  • number of views – 50% increase
  • total replay viewing time – 25 hrs – 3X increase

When the targeted recipient selected their personalized,director’s chair, the personalization experience continued as the recipient’s profile information was automatically transferred to the guest book in the webinar replay.

Through the use of variable data and XMPie’s uDirect Studio, we were able to create and personalize a chair for each recipient.  Using attributes in our personalized marketing campaign, we posted each recipient’s chair into the email.

Dale Carnegie was right – people love to hear their name.   They are also more likely to respond to a personalized image of their name as a call to action to in a relevant and targeted email.   We see some great opportunities and applications where image personalization can give your emails that extra edge that will increase open rates and effective lead generation.  

Will YOUR Event be a Shot in the Arm?

Our customer acquisition team landed in Indianpolis for the Exact Target Connections 08 Agency and User conference.  Our management attended last year’s event and found the sessions so valuable that additional investment was made to send three of us to the conference this year.

Little did we know what we were in for.  I have to say we were all a bit weary and war-torn getting there, as the end of 3rd Quarter has resulted in quite the rush to crank out events for 4th quarter.

What a shot in the arm we received from this conference! They got it right on so many levels.

Exact Target used their own technology for effective lead generation for months prior to the event.  They launced their own personalized marketing campaign to first get us there, and then, once registered, to get us to the break-out sessions they had carefully planned.

And it didn’t stop there.  Once we were there, we continued to get cues from all angles as to what not to miss and how we would be “rewarded” by making it to certain meetings. (Amazing what grown adults will do for a free beach towel or oversized foam finger).

Yes, we went to the conference tired, and weary.  However, we left energized and ready to take on not just the day’s challenges, but new horizons, as well.

Good job Exact Target!  

Any suggestions?  Yes!

I think ALL event/conference organizers could use some Vontoo in their back pocket.  While everyone is rushing around with their cell phones in their pockets–send them a voice reminder that “The keynote speaker will begin in 10 minutes.”  

AND—Include in your follow-up an email-embedded brainshark presentation or email flash movie to remind your folks of the best points in that keynote, or the funniest jokes at the last-night-reward dinner.