Monthly Archives: December 2008

Merging Print and Interactive Rich Media (Web) – Our First Cross-Media Campaign

Every year we come up with a creative way of greeting our customers and prospects for the holidays.   Our traditional use of a Brainshark presentation has been well received and has been easy to deploy.

This year, our Creative Director suggested we send out printed holiday cards to our growing list of customers, partners and prospects.   We discussed the idea and decided this would be a good opportunity to create and execute a cross-media campaign linking personalized print media with interactive, personalized digital media on the web.   We also wanted to test the effectiveness of this method as a customer acquisition strategy.


Using specialized image personalization software from XMPie, we produced the image below with our recipients names on the images.    The image was printed on a post card and sent through the U.S. Mail (amazing how fast the mail really is) to our list of recipients.   On the back of each card was a “call to action”, a URL to run a customized Brainshark presentation.   When the recipient entered their name in the Brainshark guest book, a personalized ornament appeared with music playing in the background.


Now your name may not be Steven, but if you visit and enter Steven as your first name, you will see how the application works.   You can enter your own first name and we might just have your name on the list.


This was the first application ever used to mix printed media with personalized, interactive media in a Brainshark presentation.   We were surprised by the recipients that did visit the link after receiving the post card.   Some of them were prospects that we have been trying to get in front of.  Imagine how your customer might react if they saw their name on a wine bottle or a sail on a boat in an online media application.    Would it catch their attention?   Did we capture yours?  

Blogging and Google Alert

It is amazing to witness how quickly blogging can drive activity.   One of my team recently blogged about the Discovery Light project that we supported at a recent trade show.   Using our webinar service, we posted a Brainshark presentation about how we marketed the show and our lead generation conference exhibit.

As we were using a combination of email and personalized landing pages to drive customer acquisition, our reference to the words “landing page” triggered a Google Alert for another company, ExactTarget.   Within one week of posting our blog, ExactTarget contacted us after visiting our post.   They had set up a Google alert for the words “landing page”.   ExactTarget recently released their Landing Page feature and we have been putting it to good use for our demand generation marketing programs.   Make sure you opt-in to receive our next newsletter to see a great example of a personalized image marketing campaign.

Quite often we receive a Google alert after posting a blog as we also monitor keywords.    We have heard Chris Baggott, of Compendium Blogware, a number of times comment on how Google likes old content, recent content and frequent content.   We produce Webinar for ONE replays of their webinars and we hear these words in every presentaiton.  

Chris is right on target.   You can drive effective lead generation through frequent and relevant blogging.    We are witnesses to the process and we are becoming evangelists for compended blogging.    The combination of blogging and Google Alerts is another step to helping you achieve that “virtual knock” on the door and another step away from no more cold calls. 

Other people are watching and waiting for their Google Alerts to trigger a message about keywords they monitor.   The more you blog about a particular subject, the more chances you have of driving effective lead generation.