Monthly Archives: February 2009

Attend Your Customer Events

I just had the great opportunity this past week to attend one of my customer’s events onsite in NY.   My events team spent a great deal of time setting up online tools to support customer acquisition including the use of a Brainshark presentation for customers.

Through specially designed personalized marketing campaigns, we were able to draw a record crowd of customers in less than three weeks.   The event also had a "pirate-theme" and we produced personalized pirate maps with the customer’s names on them.

I attended the event and was able to participate in the festivities which included wine, grog, spirited networking and the opportunity to meet my customers and their customers.   I also repurposed one of my old pirate tunes from college and added new lyrics to fit the event.   I will share the song in a future post.

What I didn’t expect was that I would run into other contacts from my customer’s account that I have been trying to meet for over two years.   The success of the customer event established my company’s credibility for building lead generation conferences like this one and our dialogue was both positive and productive.

So next time you put a lot of effort into setting up an event or campaign for your customer. make sure you participate in the event as well.   You will learn more about your customer’s business, their customer’s business and you may just meet that key contact/decision maker that will influence additional business in your customer’s account.   You also will be considered more of a partner than a vendor and your business relationship will continue to grow.

Content is Valuable: Repurpose It With Technology – Part 1

Content is Valuable: Repurpose It With Technology

We all know that almost any marketing strategy we attempt to use in the online world will not be very effective without content. We also know that unfortunately good content is not that easy to come by – it takes time to produce. Time is very valuable, so when I succeed in creating some content, I am anxious to get the most benefit from it that I can. The diagram above shows all the ways I am currently using technology to get the widest audience possible for my output of text messages, photos, PowerPoint presentations, and blog posts. Whether or not you are using any of the same services or applications, I hope you can get some ideas for how to use your content from the following examples.