Monthly Archives: June 2009

Give Away Content to Attract Customers

One of the things we all love about the Internet is all the free stuff available for download. For the profit-minded, there are good reasons to make quality, helpful content available on your web site for free. Useful content gives you credibility in your field and helps to build long-term relationships with prospects. If your content is popular, you can generate revenue through advertising. If your content contains text, there are lots of good keywords for search engines to latch onto. Another benefit of good content is that it attracts incoming links, sometimes called "link bait". In checking the external links for one of my sites on which I sell craft supplies, I can see that by far the most popular individual pages are those that contain project tutorials or free templates. Given that incoming links help your site in the organic search results, and that search marketing has a very high ROI in a time when advertising budgets might be shrinking, having quality content that people want to link to is a huge advantage.

I put my web site address on the free templates available for download on one of my web sites so that users will be reminded of my business every time they see the template. Don’t overlook the possibility of placing your content on specialized portals so that people who have never been to your site have the opportunity to be exposed to your content. Be sure to embed information about your company within that content. Just to name a few examples, there are portals for articles, blogs, Illustrator files, movies and RSS feeds. If you publish a Brainshark presentation, there are two types of portals provided in which you can make your content available for free or for a fee. Click here to view Webinar Resources’ Brainshark content portal. Brainshark is a powerful tool that you can use to turn PowerPoint slides into multimedia presentations with many powerful features including viral marketing capability.

By giving a little, you could gain a lot!

Make it Easy for People to Promote Your Content

If the content you provide on your web site or blog is of high enough quality, people will be eager to share it with others and do some of your marketing work for you. Those with their own web sites might go to the trouble of editing one of their pages to add your link. To make the task easier and to encourage more linking, many webmasters have provided code and sometimes an image for interested persons to use. I think that is still a good idea, I don’t know if anything beats a good old-fashioned hard-coded link in the search engines. Fortunately with the rise of social media there has come an even easier way to encourage site visitors to spread the word about your content.

This morning I signed up for an AddThis account. AddThis is a free bookmarking/sharing service than enables you to create a button or chicklet that empowers your site visitors to print your content, email it, or best of all send a link to the social networking service of his or her choice. It’s similar to the Share This link you see right below this blog post you’re reading. Would you like to have that capability to leverage your own content that you’ve worked so hard on? Just go to the AddThis site and follow the super-easy instructions. You don’t have to register to get a button, but I did so that I could receive the additional service of analytics. What a great way to see which content is the most popular!