Monthly Archives: September 2009

Acquisition on the Amtrak

I recently took a vacation from our customer acquisition practice at Webinar Resources.  Of all of the different modes of transportation, I have learned this Summer that taking the train across the country is a great way to meet new people.   It is also an interesting opportunity to connect with people and make new contacts.

Think of it, passengers on a train are a lot more open as they have no other place to go
other than a dining car, sleeping berth or observation car.  People just have to interact
with each other as they are captive for the many hours it takes to reach their destination.

My wife and I joined a friend of hers to travel from St. Louis to San Francisco.   Our friend was volunteering for the 17th annual Sharkfest, where 900 brave souls swim from Alcatraz to the San Francisco shore.   See the Brainshark presentation on our webinar service portal for highlights of the event –

During our ride we met many interesting people and had some good conversations.  We met one retired couple traveling to visit their sons who work in Silicon Valley.  One of their sons works for Google and another is beginning a startup company.  I wrote down the company website to look at later.   Maybe I will send them a Webinar for ONE presentation.

We met more interesting people on our 48 hr trek and I spent some time jamming with a fellow musician.  Luckily I brought my traveling mandolin and it was great to wake up to the sunrise in Colorado and be able to sing some John Denver tunes.

We had a great trip when we got to San Francisco, San Jose and Aptos.  When we headed back home on a Southwest flight, my wife commented on how people were more friendly on the train and that everyone was rushed in the airport.   We had lots of luggage in tow with souvenirs and we would have loved to have a porter help us aboard a train that would take us back home.  We took the quick way, but planes have no charm, no space and provide little opportunity for interacting with others.

We will always remember our great trip to California this year.  If you want to spend some time with people, see the scenery and possibly make a business connection, plan to take a train trip across the country.   Right now I am hearing "Flight 3346 is ready for departure.  What I would rather hear is "All Aboard!