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MyChristmasBook Trailer Most Viewed/Popular Presentation on MyBrainshark

The elves at Webinar Resources are busting their buttons as the MyChristmasBook Trailer on MyBrainshark is now the most viewed and most popular Brainshark presentation.  Says Santa, who just read this latest update in the Webinar Newsletter from Webinar Resources, "We are very proud that this on demand presentation has received such wide appeal.   Rudolph told me that "rich media" was the way to reach the masses so I thought I would give it a try."

The MyChristmasBook Trailer has been viewed across the country and across the world.  Webinar Resources launched this campaign to drive lead generation for North Pole IndustryCo.   Every MyChristmasBook online Christmas Photo Story Book contains personalized text, images and audio using a good little boy or girl's name and is delivered on a unique personalized North Pole web page.   Says Jack Frost, CMO in charge of North Pole's lead generation and personalized marketing campaigns, "We hired Webinar Resources to produce the story of Santa Claus and the Lost Dog as they are the experts in demand generation marketing and the theme song has the reindeer tapping their hoofs."

The success of the campaign can be summed up by Mrs. Claus, "Things have gotten a lot more jolly around here now that the old man is coming home from the shop at a decent hour. Thanks to Webinar Resources launching with their partners ExactTarget, Brainshark, Vontoo and Compendium, Santa is much more productive and best of all, there are no more cold calls which is important in the frozen North.

Satisfied Customers

During this time of year, people have a lot on their mind and buying that unique gift is always a challenge.   The elves at Webinar Resources teamed up with Santa to create a unique and personalized online offering for this holiday season for young children – brings to life the story of "Santa Claus and the Lost Dog".   It is unique as it provides personalized images, text and audio using the child’s name.   The Christmas Story Photo Book is delivered through a personalized, North Pole web address with an embedded Brainshark presentation.

Deliveries started over the weekend and one satisfied customer has posted her son’s personalized North Pole web address on her Facebook site.    It seems our mascot, Bella, is becoming a celebrity very quickly. 

This is the most unique demand generation marketing activity that Webinar Resources has ever engaged in and we are pleased to have our customers boast and post about their satisfied experiences.

Go to to order that unique gift today.


MyChristmasBook on MyBrainshark

If you read one of our more recent blogs on re-purposing content of a Brainshark presentation, then you will understand how we can drive additional lead generation by reusing existing content.

Webinar Resources recently launched the MyChristmasBook campaign and deliveries are about to begin.   We repurposed content from a Brainshark presentation and created a MyChristmasBook Trailer on the MyBrainshark site.  MyBrainshark provides tools to create simple Brainshark presentations and it is free.  

We have been watching the popularity of the MyChristmasBook Trailer on the MyBrainshark site and are delighted to report that we are holding the number two position of the most viewed and most popular Brainshark presentation.   MyBrainshark provides social media tools for sharing presentations and a reporting dashboard that displays a world map indicating viewing activity    The MyChristmasBook trailer  has been viewed across the U.S. and in China, Austrailia, and in South America.

It is exciting to watch the popularity of the trailer grow.   Re-puposing existing content pays off.

Blogs – Faster than Santa's Reindeer

The elves at Webinar Resources spent time last night blogging about our holiday offering,   We included a lot of information about re-purposing Brainshark presentations and creating an effective lead generation campaign using ExactTarget, Vontoo, Brainshark and Compendium Blogware.

We did an organic search this evening and were very pleased to see that is at the top of the organic search.  We were also delighted to see the tracking results of our email campaign where many of our subscribers visited their own personal North Pole webpage to see a 2 minute demonstration.  Over 25% of the recipients selected the personalized link that included their email address.   Here is a sample personalized URL (PURL), that we call the North Pole web address –

We also spent time tweeting, posting content on Facebook sites and updating a Brainshark presentation.  Of all the lead generation activities we engaged in, blogging received the fastest and most desired results.   

We don’t have a long-tail keyword for this campaign, but is unique enough that it can be found in an organic search in Google.  We know as we blog about this subject this evening, we will keep our rating up and more customers will find us as they hear more about us.  So blogs are faster than Santa’s reindeer Virginia and they rate high on Google’s naughty and nice list. 

Re-purposing Content to Drive Lead Generation

Webinar Resources recently launched where you can order a personalized, online Christmas Story Photo Book and display a child’s name in text and images.    We created a Brainshark presentation and have made several versions of the presentation by re-purposing the content.   There are now actually four different versions of our Brainshark presentation being used to promote

Re-purposing content with Brainshark allows you to quickly recreate content for different audiences to drive lead generation.  The original version of the Brainshark presentation is embedded in the main page.   We then re-purposed the content and posted it on our Webinar Resources landing page.  You will also find some of the latest Compendium webinar replays on our landing page.

There is also a MyChristmasBook Trailer posted at  It has been interesting to watch the popularity of the trailer as it has been viewed across the world.

Finally, we launched an email using ExactTarget today to our newsletter subscribers which provided a more personalized experience with a unique personalized URL or PURL.   We call it a unique North Pole webpage address for the kids.   You can visit and share my North Pole address to see how personalization works and hear part of the story of Santa Claus and Lost Dog –

We found after creating more content for some of the newer Brainshark presentations that we could reuse the content for earlier Brainshark presentations.   So our most recent content that we created for our North Pole webpage address has been repurposed to improve the original Brainshark presentation on  

Launching this campaign using our partner applications from Compendium, Brainshark, ExactTarget and Vontoo has enabled us to blend the best and create an effective lead generation holiday campaign.   Visit any of the links and learn more.

Make this Holiday Personal

The team at Webinar Resources wanted to do something special for this holiday season and it all started with losing my dog, Bella, a great Pyrenees who likes to run away.   I did find Bella but I also discovered how quickly my team can build and launch a solution.
The day after Bella ran away, I started using the tools and practices that we use to provide customer acquisition.   Now we have blended the best of our solutions, partners and best practices and are pleased to announce the launch of is a unique online, personalized Christmas Story Photo Book application.   Personalized photo books can we ordered online and you can submit a child’s name that will be inserted throughout the story in text and personalized images.
The child becomes part of the story of "Santa and the Lost Dog".   Beautiful winter photos and fun animation bring the story to life through a personalized Brainshark presentation embedded in an ExactTarget landing page.    Each landing page is unique and assigned a personalized URL (PURL) upon the email delivery of the link to the online book.
We are kicking off the launch with a Vontoo call from Santa himself.   Just text the keyword Santa to 88769 and you will find out if you are on the naughty or nice list and will receive a call from Santa.   Santa will also post notes periodically on the personalized landing pages for the children. 
Social media will also play a major role in the launch and landing page activity.   Each personalized Christmas story photo book can be shared through a variety of social media links – Twitter, Facebook ShareThis and Brainshark presentation emals.  No doubt you will hear about through social media links that we have updated.
For more information, visit or text the keyword Santa to 88769.   You can even try out a sample personalized presentation on the site buy going to the Try It link on the site.
We know that every child loves Santa, our readers love social media and Webinar Resources loves personalization.   Bring it all together as we blend the best in this new genre for online children’s stories.   Happy Holidays everyone!