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Building Customer Acquisition through Effective Webinar Registration

I recently read a blog from my colleague, Ken Molay, of Webinar Success, that was focused on webinar registration.   He titled the blog post "Why Does Webinar Registration Stink?".   Ken makes some very good points about webinar vendors providing limited registration tools.

We take webinar registration tools seriously at Webinar Resources.   To drive customer acquisition, you need to have the right tools to capture the right audience and provide effective reporting tools you can use for post and future webinar communications.  List growth for your webinars cannot be managed without effective registration tools.

This is why there are third party vendors providing registration tools for virtual and live events.  We have worked with a few of them.   Some are small and some are major corporations providing services to Fortune 500 companies.  As Ken Molay points out in his blog, many of the major players in web conferencing lack the registrations tools that are necessary to support customer acquisition.  

I was recently cleaning out an old entertainment center in the basement to take to my son’s new apartment and realized I had filed some of my old presentations about the formation of Webinar Resources in the cabinet.    As I went through the papers, I found the July 24th, 2003 Live Meeting announcement from Microsoft.   Here it is 2010 and Microsoft still does not offer a flexible and comprehensive registration tool.   In fact, for years they have been using ViewCentral, under the the re-branded name of "RegEdit.   Webinar Resources has supported major clients using ViewCentral since we started our business.

The fact remains, that marketers planning webinars need to focus on the pre-activities related to webinars which include promotion and acquisition activities like registration.   Webinars are not just about the event, content and speakers.   Webinars are a strategic marketing activity that should drive your customer/prospect list growth, blogging content, PR, social media, branding, thought leadership and overall marketing strategy to build and retain a loyal customer base.

Webinar Resources will be inviting guest bloggers who work in the industry, know the industry and can talk about the industry. You will hear more in coming blog posts about webinar strategies so stay tuned.

Share the Music, the Love and the News – Webinar Resources Newsletter

Webinar Resources just distributed the latest newsletter and it contains some exciting announcements, enhancements and tools to keep you in touch with industry news and trends as they relate to event management and customer acquisition.

You still might have time to order your Sweetheart a personalized eCard along with their favorite audio clips from iTunes.   This Valentine’s Day, we are adding music to the mix and further personalizing the experience of the recipient. Provide us the name, email address, a special message and the name of your Valentine’s favorite musical artist and we will deliver a personalized eCard and iTunes Preview landing page with album selections that your special Valentine can listen to. Webinar Resources will be posting an iTunes redemption code ($15 value) in ten of the lucky Valentines’ personalized landing pages on February 14th.

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Stay tuned for more exciting updates on our Webinar Resources Webinars.    Happy Valentine’s Day!