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Webinar Trailers – Don't leave registrants behind

At Webinar Resources, we produce and deliver short 3-5 minute, rich-media Brainshark presentations that we call "Webinar Trailers", to promote customer webinars.   Webinar Trailers are very effective as a conversion tool as you can determine a viewer’s interest by the amount of slide content consumed and the duration of time content is viewed.

During our recent campaign to drive audience participation for our upcoming Webinar Wednesdays event, we noticed that many recipients selected the link to the webinar trailer but did not register.   We decided to target this list of viewers and remind them that they can still register for the webinar.

Reaching out to the viewers of the webinar trailer paid off as we picked up 10% of the viewers as registrants.   Webinar trailers are a great tool to drive the customer acquisition process.

Speaking of webinars, don’t miss our third in a series of Webinar Wednesdays events on June 23rd from 1:00 – 2:00 pm.   Register at:   We look forward to seeing you there.

New Client Web Site Launched

We at Webinar Resources would like to extend our congratulations to UncoverMe Naturals upon the completion of their new eCommerce site. UncoverMe Naturals sells cosmetics, soaps and personal care products that are free from preservatives, dyes and harmful chemicals. Webinar Resources was hired to bring to completion a web site which had been started by another firm. The client provided beautiful product photography which made the site a joy to work on and produced a very attractive finished result. The site is based on the WordPress platform, reflecting the trend I’ve seen over the last several years of clients wanting to build their web sites on platforms that contain a content management system so that they can take more control over their web site updates. We wish UncoverMe Naturals much success!
See the completed site at:

Merging Mobile Replays with Paper

Years ago I worked for a company that produced a very exciting solution that used a technology call dataglyphs (which amounted to placement of tiny lines that made up basic "1"s and "0"s)  embedded in a paper cover sheet.   They called it "paper that knows where its going".   The solution bridged the worlds between paper and digital as when the paper was scanned as a cover sheet with a set of documents, the document was transferred to a document repository or an email.

Fast forward several years to smartphones with cameras and bar code readers.  At Webinar Resources, we continue to create solutions that merge what Nicholas Negroponte at MIT refers to as the relationship between "Atoms (paper) and Bits (digital)".   Can you really launch an application or presentation from a piece of paper with a smartphone or web camera?
QR Code
Yes you can.   The image you see before you is called a Quick Response (QR) code.    This image contains an embedded URL of a mobile replay of our Webinar Wednesday trailer encoded in it.    By scanning this image with your iPhone, Droid or Blackberry Curve 8900, you can actually launch and view our new mobile replay Brainshark presentations on your mobile phone.  What would this mean for your customer acquisition process?

QR codes are not new.   They have been in use in Europe for a number of years.   You can download different QR code reader apps for your mobile phone.  In the future, most mobile phones will come equipped with QR code readers.  

Watch our webinar trailer and you will see how easy it is to view a pre-event trailer and provide a registration link.   Point your iPhone, Droid or Blackberry Curve 8900 to this image and our webinar trailer will launch on your mobile phone (you will need to download a QR code reader to scan the image).

The paper and digital world have come closer again and this time it is a more compact solution that you can carry in the palm of your hand.  Now the combination of QR codes and our new condensed mobile replay service offers customers an exciting solution to extend the reach of their content and message to mobile viewers anytime and anywhere.   Yes, it is a big world for the little atom.

Go Mobile This Summer!

So here we are in Summer already.   Beautiful weather, bike rides, baseball games, vacations–Who wants to work in a stuffy office?   "But I have to watch that new product intro and be prepared to speak to my customer next week."  "I have to review that latest webinar replay to see what my competitors are up to".

We’ve got the answer to your Summertime Blues.   Webinar Resources is excited to announce "mobile replay".   Now you can view that relevant content on many mobile devices (supported devices — iPhone, Droid, Blackberry 8900 and even the iPad).   Yes, it is time to "lounge and learn" while soaking up sun, fun and knowledge at the same time.

We have begun producing content in the new Brainshark enhanced mobile format and will be adding more relevant content to our mobile catalog.    To view a sample on a supported mobile device, text the word webinar to 88769 and we will add you to our mobile subscriber list to receive our latest mobile replay.

With our new condensed webinar replay service, you can accelerate your customer acquisition process with mobile on demand presentation content.   Imagine serving up relevant, targeted content to a customer or prospect’s mobile device with a simple text message.

Join our mobile subscriber list and see how easy it is to go mobile and get out of the office!


Condensed Webinar Replays Drive New Business Opportunities

How many times have you missed a webinar?   I am sure many of you have for one reason or another.   Webinars have become so ubiquitous now that there are several you could attend in any week.   However, that is why there are webinar replaysrecordings of the live webinar event.   More people view webinar replays than those that attend live webinar events.   A webinar replay is a great medium to catch up on the content of what you missed at the live webinar.   Or is it?

"Thank you for attending today’s webinar.   Today’s webinar will be in a listen only mode.   You can ask . . . "   What’s this?   Why do I need to listen to this unnecessary banter of the live webinar when it has already passed?   I just want to get to the "meat" of the webinar and move on.

This is the problem with replays/recordings of webinars today.   Many are simply a recording of the audio and slides (and some of the entire webinar interface) that are not edited and are produced and posted for viewing.   Many of the replays are not edited as it is easier and faster to post the replay without further modifications.

Some of you may remember the days of reel-to-reel tapes or cassettes.   With this medium, you had to fast forward and rewind through the tape to find the audio you were looking for.   When CDs came out, you were able to select the song you wanted to hear without searching through the entire catalog of music on the CD.  

Some webinar replays are like the old linear tapes.   You need to use the player "scrub" bar to search through the content until you can find what you are looking for.   Some replays provide a table of contents so you can advance to the slide and audio you are seeking.  

Companies like Brainshark provide a great solution for repurposing the audio and slides of your webinar.   Webinar Resources uses Brainshark to produce our "Webinar for ONE" presentations that basically make your webinar "live again" with the addition of interactive polls, live web slides and flash video.  Still, do viewers want to search through 45 minutes of content when all they require is the 10-15 minutes to retrieve the content that they require and probably have time to listen to?   As the lady said in the old commercial, "Where’s the beef?".   I am probably dating myself.

The team at Webinar Resources and our partner, Bizucate, have examined this content delivery dilemma and have come up with a solution that we believe will provide the "beef" that webinar replays have been missing.   After producing our second in a series of Webinar Wednesdays events, we decided to repurpose the best content that we believe our viewers wanted to see and hear.

Using Brainshark’s new "microphone audio" feature, Bizucate presenter and president, Peter Muir, re-recorded his audio content for 10 specific slides of the original webinar presentation which contained 24 slides.  Our intention was to produce a "condensed" webinar replay that we could post as not only a replay, but as a learning module that could be posted on Brainshark’s Content Network and Training Industry’s Learning Content Network

We have been pleasantly surprised to see the number of views increase as we broadened our reach by posting the content in many different channels.   With condensed webinar replays we can repurpose, re-market and renew your webinar content and drive new business opportunities.