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Merchandisers are Moving Towards Mobile with QR Codes

We predicted it would be just a matter of time.  Those funny little boxes that look like broken mazes (QR Codes) are beginning to pop up everywhere.   Popular in Japan and other countries for years, QR codes are now making a big entry into the U.S.

Some early adopters in merchandising started the US exposure, but the weekly ad from Best Buy this weekend, is going to open the gates to the public that will inquire, scan, question, download and start using QR codes for mobile communications.   Best Buy used an interesting strategy for marketing their products.   The QR codes appeared at the bottom of each of the right page ads of the weekly circular.  Each QR code contained a unique embedded code related to the products on the page.

I visited my local Best Buy store to purchase the Otter iPhone4 case that was advertised.   As I walked in, I noticed the store display that appears in the image to the right.   Best Buy is even offering their own mobile version of a QR Code scanner for the iPhone and Droid smartphones.

Great work Best Buy!  It will now only be a matter of time until more businesses follow your lead in creative multi channel marketing.

Webinar Resources has introduced QR codes this year in our Webinar Wednesdays events and in our recent announcement of Mobile Replay.   Scan our QR code below or visit

Design Influences Perception

The 2003 book "The Substance of Style" by Virginia Postrel presents a lot of interesting points about aesthetics in our time and makes the case that our current culture places even more importance on the outward design of things as opposed to just the function than ever before. Design can steer you toward a certain product and can add to ones enjoyment of the item once the decision to purchase has been made. I know one reason why I’m holding on to my cell phone from 2004 when phones are available now that do many more things – I like the way it looks and I like the weight and the way it feels in my hand better than newer phones.

If Postrel is correct, the increased importance of aesthetics to us means that the bar has been raised about what we expect as consumers. Good design is no longer only for the affluent. Have you noticed how even discount brands are giving themselves makeovers? Last September I was in a McDonald’s restaurant in Amarillo, Texas where I actually took pictures of the interior because I liked the design so much – there was light wood, metal, abstract art and Eames-designed wallpaper and upholstery patterns! Target has been noticed and praised for the sophisticated design of it’s products and advertising for many years now – I noticed my local Wal-Mart is not only starting to carry products with a similar look, the store is also in the middle of remodel with a redesign of the facade to give it a more sophisticated, asymmetrical appearance. It’s no longer enough to offer low-priced goods and put them in a plain big box.

Well-designed business identity pieces and multi channel marketing pieces such as web sites, letterhead, logos, emails, webinar replays, on demand presentations and the like used to be something that lifted a business above the competition. Now good, sophisticated design is a basic necessity if you want to even swim in the same pool as your competitors. Here is a great quote from "The Substance of Style" – "The notion now that a corporation of any size would have the CFO’s wife design the annual report is ludicrous… But they did in the sixties." Your products might be just as good or better than your competitors, but consumers won’t know it unless their first impression of you is as good or better than your competitors. It may not be right, but it’s part of human nature, and ignoring it is risky!

Compendium Webinars Go Mobile

Want to carry the voice of Chris Baggott in your pocket?   Do you want to review the content of the latest Compendium webinar while you are waiting at the airport?   Did you miss the Compendium webinar and want to view it while you are riding the commuter train?

Now you can be on the go and in the know.   Webinar Resources has produced a mobile replay of the latest Compendium webinar.   Now the Compendium webinar replays can be viewed on most of the popular smartphones that support streaming media – iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Palm Pre.  You can even view these mobile replays on the iPad and iPod touch.

Webinar Resources has made it easy for you to request these mobile replays.   Make your choice below on how you wish to receive the mobile replay.

  • text the word "blogreplay" to short code 88769
  • enter on your smartphone or launch the URL from this blog on your smartphone.  
  • scan the QR (Quick Response) code below with a QR reader and launch the mobile replay from your smartphone.QR code for Compendium Mobile Replay produced by Webinar Resources


You can learn more about Mobile Replay at

View mobile replays wherever you are and whenever your mobile device is on.