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Mobile Content Creates New Avenues for Social Media

Webinar Resources has been producing the monthly webinar replays for Compendium.   This repurposed marketing content has created new value to Compendium as we now produce mobile replays of Compendium’s webinar.

Megan Glover, Marketing Manager at Compendium, recently made a blog post about our services at:  As Megan points out,  "Understanding how your audience wants to receive and digest information is critical to your customer acquisition strategy. Mobile is just one avenue to communicate to these prospects."

As our mobile replay content can be viewed on many popular mobile devices, links to our mobile replay can be inserted into many social media sites.  Mobile content adds another exciting and engaging element to your Multi-Channel Mix.  You can learn more about our Mobile Replay solution at:

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Share Your Multi-Channel Marketing Success Story

Retaining good customers and acquiring new ones are essential for growing your business. With the many communication channels now available, smart marketers often use several in an effective multi-channel mix.

We invite you to share your multi-channel marketing success story in 250 words or less. We will review your story and once approved, will publish it through our multi-channel mix. You will be able to share your story on:

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Please complete the fields below and share your story and a relevant image if you wish.  As you share your story, consider using the following structure in your reflections: Your Business Challenge, Your Solution and Your Results.

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Put a Webinar in your pocket!

Last night I pulled out my iPhone and listened to the mobile replay of the June 10th webinar with Compendium and ExactTarget that was recorded by Webinar Resources.  I wanted to review the content that Joel Book, at ExactTarget, covered related to Scotts Lawn Care.   As I listened, Joel reconfirmed our strategy to adopt Compendium’s "Web to Post" feature to invite our webinar participants to "tell their story" on how they use multi-channel marketing to build their business.

I put my iPhone into my holster and listened to Joel speak about the compelling reasons to engage your Facebook fans in additional conversations by allowing them to "tell their story" through a simple form that updates your company blog content.

The audio of the mobile replay became valuable new content as it reconfirmed Webinar Resources’ decision to adopt Compendium’s "Web to Post" feature to reach out to our Webinar Wednesday participants and allow them to "tell their story".   You will hear and see more of this capability in the coming weeks.

Mobile ReplayWith Mobile Replay, you can play streaming on-demand presentation content on many mobile devices.  Mobile Replay is a valuable sales and marketing tool that can stream relevant and recent product/service information to your sales team, partners and prospects..  

A good friend used to share some favorite sayings from her country upbringing.   One of them was "That’s as handy as a pocket on a shirt."   She couldn’t have said it any better.  Mobile Replay is "Content On-Hand and On-Demand".    Put a mobile replay in your pocket the next time you get ready for a sales call.  Listen, learn and lead the conversation about your products and services that your company can provide for you with Mobile Replay.