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Webinar Resources Supports Stray Rescue Program with Children's Web Storybook for the Holidays

"This holiday season, take your child on an adventure."  That’s how our Brainshark presentation starts on our site announcing a unique offering for the holidays.  Today we added to the adventure by announcing St. Louis-based Stray Rescue will receive $1.00 for every web storybook sold. 

Stray RescueStray Rescue’s mission is to rescue dogs off the streets of St. Louis.  The organization provides medical attention, food, love and a foster home until a forever home is available.

I visited Stray Rescue today during their "Take a Stray to Work" event where downtown dog lovers picked up a dog to take to work for the day.  It was heart warming to see so many neglected dogs nourished back to health and heading out the door for a hopeful adoption.  Each of the dogs at Stray Rescue have had an adventure of their own before coming to the center.

We are excited to offer a unique web storybook about "Santa Claus and the Lost Dog" and at the same time support a worthy cause like Stray Rescue.  
Utilizing technologies and solutions from our partners, Brainshark, Compendium and ExactTarget, we are delivering a truly unique “stocking stuffer” that children will love, families will share and neglected dogs will jump at.

This holiday season, take your child on an adventure that will be memorable.

Santa's Call to Action

As the holiday season approaches, more marketers are getting prepared to capture orders through effective customer acquisition processes.   Santa is no exception.

As more savvy business people use multi-channel marketing to communicate their message, more unique ways to touch the customer are generated.  By creating community through subscribers (email), fans (Facebook) and Followers (Twitter), businesses can reach out to prospects they had never thought of and encourage them to interact through a "Call to Action", CTA.   A CTA is an effective lead generation tool.  It may be in the form of a coupon offer, a subscription to a newsletter or a download of a white paper. 

Magic Ticket - QR CodesIn the webstory of "Santa Claus and the Lost Dog", Santa uses a post card as his CTA.   This is no ordinary post card as it includes a magic ticket with a personalized URL (PURL) and a QR (quick response) code to get immediate action from a child with the help of a grown up that may have a grown up toy like a smartphone equipped with a camera. 

Yes, Santa has gone hi-touch and hi-tech and has joined the social media world.  The days of traditional Santa calls over the phone are going to be replaced by tweets, likes, comments and good little girls and boys will get badges.  Will Santa’s updates on FourSquare take the place of NORAD’s tracking of jolly old St. Nick on Christmas Eve?

You can visit to order the webstory book.   It makes a great stocking stuffer and can play on mobile devices on your way to Grandma’s house.


Webinar Resources Launches Mobile Christmas Storybook

Webinar Resources has been developing applications around mobile content this year.   We have further developed embedded Brainshark presentations, QR code applications, short URL sites and other mobile apps.

We decided to put these technologies together this holiday season and launch the first children’s personalized web storybook that blends the paper and digital world into an adventure for children.

The web storybook, "Santa Claus and the Lost Dog", is part fiction and part true.   The featured dog in the story, Bella, is a Great White Pyrenees that I was lucky enough to pick up as a rescue dog.   I was told to get bread on Craigslist by my wife and came back with a purebred.

Visit and you can view a short trailer about the web storybook.   The adventure begins with a post card from Santa that is requested from the site.   The post card is personalized and contains a magic ticket which provides an address and entry to the web storybook.  St. Louis-based Stray Rescue, will receive $1 for every web storybook purchased to help support dogs that need medical attention, loving care and a good home.

The web storybook can also be viewed on popular smartphones and the iPad.  We believe with the tablet war starting up, there will be more tablets under the Christmas tree (Android CherryPads under $200).   Tablets are the next digital children’s book of the future.

The magic ticket contains a QR code so any grownups with grownup toys that have cameras that scan QR codes, can view the web storybook "Santa Claus and the Lost Dog" almost anywhere during the holidays.

We believe many children will be entertained this holiday season by delivering web storybooks on new mobile platforms.   So give Bella a belly rub and order a unique gift that makes a great stocking stuffer and will deliver hours of fun and discovery for a child.