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Christmas in Stereo

In the late 1970s, one year for Christmas we got a new stereo with a cassette tape player. We were very excited, because it’s a lot easier to tape songs you like from the radio and play them back over and over with a cassette player than with our old 8-track. Mom taped "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer" by George Thorogood which we all loved. I taped selections from the disco station, and since I was in that awkward phase where I wasn’t really a child and not a teenager either, I turned the stereo into an intergalactic nightclub for Micronaught action figures. My brother Larry taped "Won’t Get Fooled Again" by the Who and played it over and over over and over. Whether motivated by the white chocolate Christmas lollipops that Mom made that we were gorging ourselves on or by sheer exuberance or both, Larry removed the carpet from the hallway to expose the shiny wood floor. Every time "Won’t Get Fooled Again" got to the scream part, he’d hurl himself onto the floor on his stomach and slide down the hallway. I can’t hear that song without smiling thinking about that! We must have driven Mom crazy being trapped with us in the house over Christmas break!

Name: Carolyn Hasenfratz
City: Brentwood
State: MO

Bella Lost in the White Stuff

Bella Lost in the White StuffThere’s still time to order "Santa Claus and the Lost Dog" and help stray dogs. The clock is ticking and we have been delivering wonderful web storybooks and magic tickets to children around the country.   Don’t miss out.

Bella needs to be found to save Christmas.  How will she save Christmas?   Visit and order the web storybook for only $5.95.   One dollar goes to support Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

This is a great stocking stuffer and the elves are standing by to personalize your child’s (downloadable) post card and magic ticket from Santa.   Watch the trailer about Santa Claus and the Lost Dog.

Delivery of Magic Holiday Card from Santa and Children's Web Storybook Available throughout the Holiday Season

Magic QR TicketThe elves at Webinar Resources have been busy sending post cards from Santa with the magic ticket (QR Code) with the cooperation of the "official branch of the United States government that provides authoritative proof that there is a Santa Claus" (U.S. Post Office).

As days get closer to Santa’s arrival, we are now providing a down-loadable, personalized Holiday Card from Santa with the magic QR Code ticket and secret code that plays our web storybook, "Santa Claus and the Lost Dog".   You can download a sample copy of the magic holiday card and ticket here or select the image to the right.   Just print, fold at the dotted line and you have a sample card you can try out to share the adventure of the web storybook.

Please pass it on to your friends and order a personalized holiday card and magic ticket from Santa.  You can order this magic message from Santa throughout the holiday season that you celebrate.   Of course, the magic is in finding the personalized holiday card in a stocking, but we understand there are late arrivals of gifts during the holidays.

Don’t miss out on this great holiday gift that your child will enjoy for hours during the holiday season.   If you are lucky enough to receive grownup smartphone toys under your tree, you can carry the web storybook (without personalization) on your holiday travels.  Play the web storybook on your iPad, iPhone, Droids or any mobile device that supports streaming media.

Share the magic of the holidays and the adventure of "Santa Claus and the Lost Dog" with a child in your life.  Order Now at

Santa Elves at Webinar Resources Need a Quick Response (QR)

Santa Claus and the Lost Dog

Bella Time is running out to order a personalized post card from Santa.   If you have a child or know of a child, then they will love receiving a personalized post card from Santa with a magic ticket to our web storybook "Santa Claus and the Lost Dog".

Please order today if you wish to send a child the post card via US Mail.   After Thursday, 12/16/10, you can still order the magic ticket and post card and download it from your computer.    This is a great stocking stuffer and will entertain your child for hours during the holiday season.

As featured in today’s ExactTarget Partner webinar, the magic ticket from Santa contains a QR code (quick response code).  Smartphones equipped with free 2D bar code readers can immediately scan and play the web storybook.  

The magic ticket also includes a personalized URL to play the web storybook on the web or on the iPad, Samsung Galaxy, CherryPad and Playbook.   So grownups can share those grownup toys they will receive under the Christmas tree.  What a great way to share a holiday adventure.    You also will be supporting the rescue of stray dogs as $1.00 is donated to the Stray Rescue program in St. Louis for every storybook purchase you make.

Please select the Share button and share this post with friends and family.   Take your child on an adventure this holiday season.   Visit for more information.


My Favorite Gift

stereoOne year for Christmas, all I requested was a new stereo. The one I had was small, and I was hoping for a new one that would play CD’s like all of my friends. When Christmas morning came, I searched under the tree, but no packages resembled a large stereo. After opening all the gifts, I found it was true… There was no stereo under the tree! Finally, after everything was finished my Dad pointed out one very small box way in the back addressed to me. Sure enough – I opened it up and it was a clue! I was led on a search throughout the house and eventually found it… My dream stereo! I’ll always remember that Christmas because it was so much fun.

Name: Allison Bowen
City: Indianapolis
State: IN

Real Tree and Real Adventure

Years ago I worked at a medium correctional prison. As the prison was 60 miles from home, I carpooled with some of the employees. One of my fellow drivers and I decided we would cut down a tree on the way home and I would bring it home to my 2 yr old son to enjoy. I can’t remember if we found a Christmas tree farm or if we just spotted a great evergreen on a hill. All I remember is that I had a saw and we trudged up a steep hill to cut down the tree. It was even more difficult as we dragged the tree down the hill and tossed it on top of my Honda Civic wagon. When I got the tree to my house, it did not fit through the door. We topped off the tree and finally planted it in our family room for my son to see. He was fascinated by the tree after we decorated. It was really his first Christmas tree and I captured this picture that I will always remember.

Submitted by: Mark Rice

Santa's Following Webinar Resources

Hello from Santa and MyChristmasBook.comWe have written a lot about personalized marketing campaigns, mobile Brainshark presentations and social media, but this week I have witnessed the real power of "Community".   As we have been promoting our web storybook, "Santa Claus and the Lost Dog" through a blended multi-channel mix, the jolly old elf himself has started following us on our Twitter account – @webinarresource.

It was quite a surprise to see Santa join the mix of conversations about lost dogs, QR codes, magic tickets and of course Santa.   I think this is the legal evidence and credibility that was needed in the great Christmas classic, "Miracle on 34th Street", to prove the existence of Santa Claus.  If that movie were produced today, the evidence that Santa exists would clearly be a Tweet from the North Pole on everyone’s mobile phone.

So Santa, we are pleased and privileged to have you follow us.   Now, let’s all get together and help Santa find Bella, the Lost Dog and order a child the web storybook at   To hear a special message from Santa, text Santa to 88769.

Share Your Favoirte Holiday Adventure

QR Codes Are Coming to Town

This holiday season, get ready for a splash of funny looking bar codes that will be cropping up everywhere.   From Best Buy store ads, wrapping paper and even post cards from Santa, QR codes (quick response codes) are on the nice list and may be as prominent as smartphones and tablet pads underneath the Christmas Tree.

Grown Up Toys - MyChristmasBook.comSanta’s elves and Webinar Resources have gone hi-tech and hi-touch and are helping Santa send out post cards with QR codes and short URLs.

Got an iPhone, Android or Blackberry?   Then you can download a free QR bar code reader app, scan our QR code on the magic ticket (illustrated to the left) and launch our web storybook.

Yes, even grown up toys will play our "Santa Claus and the Lost Dog" mobile video.   We have seen many toddlers sliding their fingers across iPhones and advancing photos and launching videos.  This a great way to entertain a child for hours over the busy holiday season.  

You can help your child join in the adventure to help Santa find the Lost Dog and support the worthy work of Stray Rescue, a not-for-profit that provides medical attention, food, love and a foster home until a forever home is available.  

This holiday season, take your child on an adventure, play together with new technology and help homeless dogs.   Learn more at: