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Why Small Businesses Should Engage in Content Marketing

I’ve been a passionate advocate of and participant in content marketing for many years, but I know why it can seem like a  daunting strategy to a small businesses. You the small business owner already have a lot of hats to wear – now you have to be a publisher too? Here are some reasons why you might consider doing just that.

Large companies have an advantage in many areas of advertising, such as television, print, and big trade shows because those channels require significant investments of money. However in many ways, small businesses can compete with big ones when it comes to content marketing. How is this possible?

I watched the Compendium webinar replay "Content & Social Search Strategies" and learned some very interesting things. For one thing, to get the most out of content marketing, you have to get your SEO, Social, Content, Email Marketing and PR people to communicate with each other. In many large companies this does not happen. But in a small business, these people may be on the same team or may even be the same person, so it’s much easier to come up with a strategy that makes sense and can be implemented quickly.

Many companies spend more on distributing their content than they do on creating content. This is not necessary because of all the free or low-cost online options available. Distribute your content via blog and social media in your multi channel mix and cut distribution costs drastically. Put your resources into creating good content instead – if you publish it in the right places, people will find it.

That is where search comes in. A lot of money is spent on pay-per-click advertising. Well, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on PPC, take heart – according to the webinar replay, 88% of clicks are on organic search results, and organic search results are very dependent on content. And when potential customers search, it’s usually for a product, not for a retailer. Why not let the big companies create demand for a product with expensive ads and then win the sale yourself by winning the search? Yes it’s very difficult to rank high on short search terms but guess what? Long search terms that are very much in your reach have the best results anyway – the more specific the search, the better the conversion rate. It’s nice to be the one with the advantage in the customer acquisition process now and then, isn’t it?