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Webinar Wednesday event – Optimizing Marketing and Training for Success in the Social Cloud, March 30th – 1:00-2:00 pm Central

Rosie Hausler, President of Sandhill PR, discusses strategies to help your company manage essential marketing and training activities that will make your SaaS implementation successful.

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Optimizing Training and Marketing for Success in the Social Cloud – March 30th, 1:00 – 2:00 pm
Webinar Resources is trying out Compendium’s "Email to Post" application.   This short blog was created by sending this email to a personalized Compendium blog email address with our customized QR Code as an attachment.   Scan the QR code and view our Brainshark presentation and webinar trailer or visit
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Scan the Green – QR Codes to Promote St. Patty's Day

It may be a wee bit late, but we wanted to share our "Scan the Green" QR Code campaign that we planned and executed to promote one of our favorite local St. Louis restaurants, Oscar’s Cafe.    We created a mobile-friendly version of the St. Patty’s Day menu on an ExactTarget landing page and included a short Brainshark presentation with a greeting from the owner of the restaurant.  

Scan the Green #QRCode at Oscars Cafe and Webinar Resources
Carolyn Hasenfratz, Creative Director of Webinar Resources and the Scan the Green button.

The waitresses showcased big green "Scan Me" buttons and posters were put up in the doorway and inside of the restaurant.   It was a fun way for patrons and staff to have fun with QR Codes and promote the restaurant.   Everyone who scanned the QR Code went home with contact information about Oscars Cafe on the smartphones.   With Google Analytics and Brainshark reporting, we were able to track when the QR Code was scanned, which smartphone and carrier was used and how many times the Brainshark presentation was viewed.   The event was a great way to introduce QR Codes and demonstrate our "best of blend" solutions and services at Webinar Resources.

Congratulations Carolyn Hasenfratz, Creative Director – Webinar Resources

Carolyn Hasenfratz Creative Director Webinar ResourcesWe are proud to announce that Carolyn Hasenfratz, our Creative Director at Webinar Resources, is celebrating her 4th year as an employee with our company.   Carolyn’s excellent background in graphic/web design and HTML gave our company a jump start when we brought her on as a contractor almost 6 years ago.
Carolyn has been the creative driver for many of our multi-channel campaigns and always comes up with unique, personalized designs that drive customer acquisition.  Her extensive experience in search engine optimization (SEO) led her to Philadelphia at the On Demand trade show two years ago where she was asked to discuss the concepts with Ben Franklin at the National Constitution Center.   Maybe he just wanted to tell her "A penny saved is a penny earned".

Blending the Best – Waking up to Your Social Media Connections

Blending the Best - Webinar Resources 

I opened my Flipboard app on my iPad Friday morning and was greeted with my most recent Facebook post, the iPad2 order announcement and a blog from our "best of blend" partners Brainshark and Compendium.   It was like opening my diary and reading about our recent multi-channel marketing activities.

Compendium featured Webinar Resources and our use of QR Codes and I posted a QR code to their blog on our Facebook site.   Our Mobile Replay on demand presentation made it to the semi-finals for this year’s Brainshark Sharkie awards.  

It was also interesting to see the iPad2 announcement as we are researching how the front facing camera could be used to scan QR Codes.   Stay tuned for more information on how you can launch our optimized mobile-ready content on the iPad2.

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