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Is My Mobile Presentation Effective?

Mobile ReplayWebinar Resources is dedicated to providing our customers with the leading mobile applications and solutions that make up our MobexMe product mix.   We are pleased to announce that our Mobile Replay solution now provides mobile tracking.

This means that you can now track mobile presentation content and receive email notifications (like below) and view statistics to determine the effectiveness of your presentation.   As you can see below, you can now track how many slides are viewed and the amount of time each slide was consumed.  You can also track if the viewer advances or skips to particular slides.

Using our MobexMe tools, you can also add guest book data directly to your on demand presentation and track who is viewing your presentation.   Launch you personalized mobile marketing campaign from a QR Code or short URL.  

No More Cold Calls
With Mobile Replay you can determine if you have a warm lead directly from your mobile phone and follow up with an email or a warm call.

Email Notification Received through Enhanced Mobile Tracking

The presentation titled ‘Content On Hand and On-Demand’ (ID# 772677522) has been viewed.

The following viewing data was collected:
  Date/Time: 4/15/2011 2:25:33 PM
  View Type: Mobile
  Viewing Time: 00:03:38 (of 00:03:46)
  Number of Slides Viewed: 14 (of 14)

These events occurred during the view:
   1. ‘Come On!’ (listened to 00:00:06 of 00:00:06)
   2. ‘Keep On!’ (listened to 00:00:06 of 00:00:06)
   3. ‘Game On!’ (listened to 00:00:05 of 00:00:05)
   4. ‘Always On!’ (listened to 00:00:05 of 00:00:05)
   5. ‘On Hand’ (listened to 00:00:16 of 00:00:16)
   6. ‘Introducing’ (listened to 00:00:09 of 00:00:09)
   7. ‘Mobile Replay’ (listened to 00:00:21 of 00:00:21)
   8. ‘Which Communication Would Your Customer Prefer?’ (listened to 00:00:17 of 00:00:17)
   9. ‘Which Communication Would Your Customer Prefer?’ (listened to 00:00:09 of 00:00:09)
   10. ‘Produce Once Play On Many’ (listened to 00:00:34 of 00:00:34)
   11. ‘Sales Scenario’ (listened to 00:00:15 of 00:00:15)
   12. ‘Mobile Replay’ (listened to 00:00:14 of 00:00:14)
   13. ‘Advanced Services’ (listened to 00:00:27 of 00:00:27)
   14. ‘Learn More’ (listened to 00:00:34 of 00:00:42)

The link to this presentation is:

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Mobile Content Portal Drives Local Election Campaign

Webinar Resources optimized a Brainshark on demand presentation from a past election for a Florissant, Mo. Mayoral candidate and re-published it for this year’s election in Brainshark’s new mobile content portal.   Three presentations were created to provide mobile access anytime, anywhere from any device that would play streaming media.

Through Webinar Resources’ suite of MobexMe mobile optimization services, the mobile content portal was populated with QR Codes, short URLs and links to publish the mobile content through social media channels.

"With our unique partnership and years of experience with the Brainshark rich media platform, we have "blended the best" of our partner offerings to deliver a unique mobile experience for the mobile viewer", says Mark Rice, Managing Director of Webinar Resources.   

A splash image of the presentation with a link to the election mobile content portal was delivered and tracked through partner ExactTarget.  "Using ExactTarget’s powerful tracking and reporting tools, we were able to reveal that the click activity on the presentation image was comparable to the click activity on the candidate’s website address in the email", said Rice.  Additional voter email addresess were acquired as the presentation was forwarded through viewers using the built-in social media tools in the Brainshark mobile content portal supplied by Webinar Resources.

"This was a multi-channel campaign that utilized email, mobile, social and web to drive voter acquisition", said Rice.

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