Monthly Archives: May 2011

QR Codes are Popping Up All Over

QR CodeFrom in-store displays to magazine ads to packages of organic spinach, these funny-looking squares are becoming more and more common in our environment. A QR ("quick response") Code or Tag is a square 2D barcode that you can scan with your smartphone’s camera with the help of a QR Code Reader app to immediately launch mobile links to a variety of media on your mobile phone’s web browser. Said another way, QR Codes are a simple way to connect the offline world with the online world.

Missouri Life Ad for the Route 66 Association of MissouriAt Webinar Resources we’ve been busy putting this technology to use for ourselves and our clients. For example, I recently included a QR code on a print ad that I designed for the Route 66 Association of Missouri. The association does not yet have any special mobile-optimized content, so for now the url points to the web site.  Most existing web sites are viewable on a smartphone, even if they are not optimized especially for mobile viewing. The url is designed so I can change the location and mobile media without changing the QR code, so if there is ever any mobile content in the future that we wish to link this ad to, it will not become obsolete. Shelf-life is an important consideration with printed materials, since they are not as easy, quick, or cheap to change as an electronic document.

QR Codes can make up another part of your multi-channel marketing strategy and can be effective lead generation tools.

Do you want to learn more about QR codes and download a reader for your mobile device? See our QR Code guide.