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Cracker Barrel Cracks the QR Code

CrackQRCodeAnyone who has traveled has seen the Cracker Barrel restaurants along the highway.   They are the perfect place for great food, audio books and gifts.

In my recent visit to a Cracker Barrel, I noticed a promotional item sitting on my table that contained a QR code.  When I scanned the QR code with my iPhone, I was directed to Cracker Barrel’s Facebook site.   QR codes are popping up everywhere and it seems that Cracker Barrel has learned to "crack the QR code" and add fans to their Facebook page with a very welcome invitation.

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Go Hollywood With Your Webinar – create a trailer.

Webinar Resources recently was highlighted in Brainshark’s Idea Blog.   As part of our webinar customer acquisition process, we produce a short trailer that consists of a Brainshark presentation.   The webinar trailer is sent out to announce the webinar and capture registrations through a call-to-action slide.

We recently produced a webinar trailer to promote the "Blending Print and Mobile to Deliver Engaging Experiences" Webinar Wednesday event with guest speaker, Bryan Yeager of InfoTrends.  The webinar trailer was viewed and tracked and effectively increased the number of registrations for our webinar.

Visit the Brainshark Idea Blog link below to:

– View our webinar trailer at the link below or visit
– Download the replay of the Print and Mobile webinar (Register to save the date for future webinars and we will send you a link to the replay)

Contact us to add that Hollywood sizzle to your next event promotion.

Intimate Relationships with Small Computers

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to fix things unless they are broken, which is a characteristic sometimes at odds with my job which includes staying abreast of the latest communications technology. I was content with my circa 2004 cell phone until I got an iPhone last year – now I don’t know how I got along without it! I usually don’t take it to bed with me like some people do, but I prefer to have it close by at most other times.

When I exhibited recently at the 2011 International Route 66 Festival in Amarillo, TX, I was demonstrating some of the marketing potential of mobile devices while promoting our new web site, I invited visitors to the booth to pick up a prize card which I would scan with a 2-D barcode reading application installed on the iPhone. I then showed them the phone’s screen which revealed which prize they won. Several visitors to my booth commented on the small white square sticking up out of the top of the iPhone – it was a device that scans credit cards to receive payment, adding cash register to the phone’s many other functions. I got into a conversation with a couple of guys about how useful a smartphone is while traveling. For example before even arriving at the festival I had already used it for:

  • Getting directions
  • Recording voice notes
  • Checking Facebook
  • Reading email
  • Taking photos
  • Texting
  • And yes, even making phone calls!

My intention in writing about this conversation is not to sell iPhones or other smartphones, although I think I inadvertently sold a few at the festival! Rather it is to make you aware that because of it’s utility many people are carrying a smartphone, which is a small computer, around with them. Studies show that currently around 1/3 of consumers in the US are voluntarily (and often passionately) making these small computers intimate parts of their lives. This means if you have products you want to market, you aren’t limited to reaching potential customers electronically at their desk, you can reach them almost anywhere. Webinar Resources can help you deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time through the right channel – including the mobile channel. Find out how we do it at What We Do.