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SlideShark – Great iPad Application to Share Powerpoint

Brainshark has recently released a great app for iPad users — SlideShark.   I did some of the early testing on SlideShark and in the few days that I used it, I closed on an opportunity, supported a meeting when the network went down and created storyboards for our Halloween QR Code application (see the SlideShark image below).

SlideShark is a welcome solution to iPad users who have been struggling in sharing PowerPoint presentation content on their iPads.  For those with iPad 2s, you can now share your SlideShark presentation through a projection device.

A Forrester analyst described how he can now take his iPad on the road and leave his laptop behind when making presentations.  This is a very simple app and it is there is no cost to download it.

You only need to create a MyBrainshark account to get started.   There is no cost for MyBrainshark and you will find the online version of Brainshark (if you are new to it) a very easy solution to create rich media content that you can share with others.

Download SlideShark and you will be in for a pleasant PowerPoint experience on the iPad.

To view our Halloween Brainshark presentation, go to   Scan the QR Code on the tombstone to start the story.

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Adventures in the Graveyard

A Halloween adventure with a QR Code gravestone that channels the spirit of several scenes to a delightful story. We cooked up some formulas in our Webinar Resources laboratory and took a different spin on the use of QR Codes that has not been seen by human or zombie eyes.


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