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Mobile Media Made Easy for QR Codes at the Northeast by Rail 2012 Conference

SlideShark SetupI had the great pleasure of presenting at the Northeast by Rail 2012 Conference in West Springfield, MA in the past week.   This was the first of many "Mobile Media Made Easy" learning events that you will be hearing about and hopefully attending this year.

Northeast by Rail consists of owners and operators of scenic railroads in ten states.   I met folks running excursions from Cooperstown, NY to White River Junction in Vermont.   They were all very excited to learn more about QR Codes and how they could use them to promote their exciting train excursions.  It was exciting for me to learn that the history and heritage of the old railroad still lives on and is available to people of all ages.   I also learned that the rails of the Northeast have been restored since the damage of Hurricane Irene and the scenic railroads are ready for business.

This was also the first time I used our partner Brainshark application, SlideShark, with an iPad 2 connected to a projector.  I could not believe how easy it was to connect and project.   This presentation setup is ideal for demonstrating QR Codes.   I was practically as amazed as the audience when I first scanned a QR Code from the iPad 2 and the destination appeared on the screen.   Everyone saw the same content magically appear as I hovered the iPad 2 over a sample QR Code.

The Slideshark application is also ideal for presenting slide content containing QR Codes.  Members of the audience were able to scan the QR codes projected on the wall with their smartphones.  

After the presentation, we created some sample QR Codes with our MobExMe QR Code creator.   We also created some sample mobile contact pages using our Quick ContactMe Now landing pages created with ExactTarget.  This really was a "Mobile Media Made Easy" experience.

Northeast by Rail promoters planned the conference around the "Big E" train show in West Springfield, MA over the weekend.   I had an opportunity to catch up with my fellow fiddler, Mark, and we entertained folks at the organization’s booth with a variety of train tunes, including "I’ve Been Working on the Railroad".

Webinar Resources is looking forward to presenting future "Mobile Media Made Easy" learning events that are designed to help businesses grow with Multi-channel marketing.  To get started with SlideShark, download the application from the Apple App Store and a create a free SlideShark account.  I also recommend checking out myBrainshark – the Easy, Free Way to Make Online Video.   These are two great "freemium" products that will help you deliver relevant content through reliable channels.

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QR Codes, Kids Like Them Too!

Yes, even kids are scanning QR Codes, which means that kids are carrying smartphones.   We found evidence of this in our local produce store this week.  

Previously, we noticed that Chiquita was labeling their bananas with a QR code that led to their "Ultimate Banana Recipe Contest"   Last week, my son walked into the produce store and noticed that the Dole brand of bananas had a QR Code on them.   The QR code was also part of a label with one of the Alvin and the Chipmunks characters on it. (We purposely made the QR Codes blurry in this picture out of respect for Dole’s campaign and the goodness of the banana.)

When my son went up to the counter with a bunch of Dole bananas, the merchant mentioned that kids were lifting the labels off the bananas and taking them with him.   As my son is "QR-aware", he relayed to the merchant that the QR Code pointed to a Chipwreck ringtone site when scanned.   There is apparently a different ringtone offered every day.   So this was the reason kids were taking the labels off the bananas.

Then my son demonstrated how to scan the QR Code and brought up the Chipwreck site where kids can download a ringtone.   This was a very clever QR application and was clearly targeted toward a younger generation or the parents of young children.

Could the use of QR Codes for Kids be a trend for marketers?  We, at Webinar Resources, predict that you will see a lot more applications like this one to attract kids.   We implemented a QR Code magic ticket for our MyChristmasBook application in 2010.  Children in Japan are already scanning QR Codes as a game, but QR Codes were started in Japan in the mid 90’s.  There is more to come and more to learn in managing the multi-channel mix.

A Tale of Two Webinars — Growing Daily Views of your Replays

Glance Networks QR CodeOn December 7th, Webinar Resources produced a webinar with guest speakers, Jay Wilder from Brainshark and Tom Scontras from Glance Networks.   The "Mobile Media Made Easy for Marketing, Selling and Learning" webinar was a great success in many ways. 

As the content was focused on mobile, we decided to use Glance Network’s new mobile screen sharing application as our webinar platform.   We set up a hashtag #WebWedDay so the attendees could interact with the presenters.   Attendees were able to join the webinar via smartphones and tablets in less than 5 seconds.  There was no download required and even Mac users experienced no issues in joining the webinar. 

The QR code above was configured to launch our Glance webinar session.   Once the QR Code was scanned, the attendee entered their contact information and immediately joined the webinar.   Glance provides a Salesforce integration as well so we were able to capture attendees at the webinar "on the fly" who did not register previously.

The same QR Code now points to a replay of Tom Scontras’ (Glance Networks) presentation at our Webinar Wednesday event.  You can also visit to view the replay.

Which brings us to the next best practice.   We divided the webinar into two replays as the content provided by each speaker covered great content that could be a separate learning module.  

Brainshark replayThis QR Code launches a replay of Jay Wilder’s (Brainshark) presentation –

We repurposed the great intro by our moderator, Peter Muir, President of Bizucate and added it to the beginning of both replays.   We also posted both replays to the Brainshark Learning Content Network to share with others.

Since we have posted the two replays, I have received viewing notifications daily.   One webinar became two great learning modules which will continue to help educate, motivate and grow opportunities for the viewers.

Visit our event landing page to learn more.  You can also view the entire webinar on your mobile device by texting replay to 88769.