Monthly Archives: March 2012

Scan the Green – QRSlot – QR Codes Lead to a Pot of Golden Opportunity

Scan the GreenJust in time for St. Patty's Day, Webinar Resources releases a new use case that proves QR codes applications are only limited to your imagination.  QRSlot engages the viewer to scan a green shamrock QR code that invokes a clever slot machine simulation that displays combinations of popular social media icons.   Get three in a row and you win a free QRCombo code.

QRCombo was recently announced and is a unique application that combines to destinations into one QR code.  Use QRCombo for mobile lead generation, charitable giving, event promotion and many more applications.   You can see a sample of QRCombo codes on our Pinterest site –

Are ye feelin' lucky laddie?  Play QRSlot and win a QRCombo code that will start you on your search for a pot of golden opportunity.