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Share Your Storm Survival Story

Many people have survived severe storms and we wanted to give these survivors a chance to share their stories. Hurricanes, tornados, floods, if you have survived these storms, share your story in a quick note. Tell us what helped you survive.

Google has also just launched a “crisis map” which is tracking hurricane Isaac. In our QRCombo application below, you can scan the QR code, learn about the survival of the Miami Zoo after Hurricane Andrew and scan the QR code again to share your storm survival story.


Surviving Hurricane Andrew – 20 Years Ago


It was 20 years ago on August, 24th, 1992, when a category 5 hurricane rocked the South Florida area and residents and business felt the fury of Hurricane Andrew.  So what does that have to do with our business in providing customer acquisition and mobile marketing solutions?

We were approached by one of our #qrchat founders, Stephanie True Moss, to produce a special QRCombo application for the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew.   Stephanie and other former residents of Country Walk in South Florida, had their homes devastated by Andrew forcing them to relocate to other states.


Stephanie has planned a special reunion this weekend to remember Hurricane Andrew and to allow others to share their stories..   As Stephanie is one of the leading consultants and speakers on QR codes in the country, she decided to enable the exchange of conversation through QR codes and contacted us.   Her requirements were to mix existing compelling mobile content (about Hurricane Andrew) with the ability to also share memories online at the moment of viewing and reliving past memories of the hurricane.

This is a unique QRCombo application as it blends mobile video footage of the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew and a  "share your story" feature that captures "self-published" content in the second scan of the QR code above.   

Many of you know someone who has been affected by hurricanes, tornados and other natural disasters.  Please pass on this QR code so they can reflect and share their short story.   Our thanks to Miami CBS, Channel 4 News (WFOR-TV). who provided us the footage of the video, to Stephanie True Moss for her guidance and to @Pinstamatic for the use of their sticky note application.

This QRCombo application integrates Webinar Resources'  MobExMe mobile platform with @ExactTarget and @Brainshark, two of our strategic partners in our mobile marketing offerings.

Day 4 of Shark Week – Say something Sharkastic

We thought we would add a bit of fun and interaction in today's blog.   Sharkie, the mascot of our partner, Brainshark, is looking for some shark bites (short messages) to chomp on.  You can post a message from Sharkie and share it with friends through your own personalized QR code.

You can visit our Pinterest site to get started, scan the QR code below or select the image to the left.   Remember to keep your shark "bites" to about two lines.  Sharks don't digest too much text very well and you will see a bit of a delay before your message appears on your display.

What do you want Sharkie to say? 

Scan the QR Code to launch the Sharkastic app.   You can download QR code readers for free from the App store or the Marketplace depending on the type of mobile device you are using.

A Webinar Resources/MobExMe production.  Sticky note courtesy of @Pinstamatic (   Sharkie figure and QR shark image courtesy of @Brainshark

Day 3 of Sharkweek – Webinar Resources Featured on Brainshark Videofest

Our QRCombo QR code application was featured on Brainshark's Videofest today.   Our popular "Summer of 66" campaign was presented during the Brainshark webinar.
Many merchants along Route 66 have opted-in to join the Mobile Mother Road by purchasing a QRCombo that includes a mobile video and a mobile landing page.  The QR code to the left delivers the mobile video based on the location of the merchant.   One QR code can be used across the eight state historic Route 66 highway.


It's Shark Week! That Means QR codes and Sharks all week.

We thought we would provide a multi-channel mix this week of QR codes and shark related content. So Webinar Resources is going to host a daily blog of Brainshark presentations that we have produced that you can view on mobile devices and share with others. Enjoy the this Sharkfest video below.


Scan the QR Code below to view the mobile video on your smartphones and tablets,  Download a QR code reader from the App store or Marketplace.