Monthly Archives: October 2012

Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Share Your Message

We thought we would use our MobExMe technology to support the community and provide a tool to amplify awareness of this important month – Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   All of us either know of a friend, co-worker or someone close that has been affected by cancer.  

You can share a simple message and pass on the word to others to remember this important month.

Just scan the QR code below or visit to enter and share your special message.  Scan the QR code with your smartphone or tablet using one of the many QR code readers that are available on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

You can save the QR code you generate and share it with others.   Just hold the image with your thumb and an option to save the image will pop up.

Take it along with you to events or gatherings that are organized to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   It lights up great at night. 

When the recipient scans your pink QR code, that will be able to see your special message.  They will also receive a link where they can create and share their own message.  Pass on the code and let's hope for a cure for cancer.

This application was built on the MobExMe and ExactTarget platforms.

Capture Response at the Right Moment

With over 55.5 percent of 280 million U.S. mobile subscribers now owning smartphones, the opportunity to expand reach and response is significant.   These mobile subscribers are spending more time interacting with mobile video, texting, games and social media then they are in making calls. In addition, Google recently released fascinating data that 90% of daily media interactions occur on smartphones.   Consumers are also moving across screen platforms and using multiple devices at one time (TV, laptop, tablet and smartphones).

How many of you moved from your TV to your smartphone during the recent debates or the postseason playoffs to monitor hashtag conversations on Twitter?   Many consumers have multiple devices available for use to review and respond to information posted from friends, fans and followers.

By combining mobile video content with a relevant call to action, you have the opportunity to amplify awareness, enhance the user experience and capture response at the right moment.  Whether it is a donation, a purchase, a lead, an inquiry, location lookup or direct mobile call, there are multiple mobile channels available to you to connect and communicate with smartphone users.  Use a multi channel mix and deliver memorable and relevant mobile experiences that will initiate a call to action to create effective lead generation campaigns and customer acquisition processes.

You can learn more on how to combine mobile video with mobile response at: