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Five Essential Elements to add to your Welcome Emails

Last week I subscribed to the newsletter of a non-profit organization and was very pleased with the welcome email that arrived in my inbox. I thought it did a good job of addressing concerns that people are likely to have when they provide their email address to someone.

  • "Why am I getting this email?" – covered
  • "What will I receive?" – covered
  • "Will you sell my email address?" – covered
  • "Will I be able to unsubscribe if I change my mind?" – covered
  • "Who are you and how do I contact you?" – covered

I decided to create a new welcome email for our newsletter subscriber list that addresses those same concerns. Here is a screen shot to show you how it turned out.

Example of a welcome email

In addition to making subscribers feel good about signing up for our newsletter, they will also get a look at what our email header graphic looks like when the act of subscribing is still fresh in their minds – hopefully this will increase open rates for our e-newsletter in the future.

A welcome email is also a good opportunity to deliver a special message or offer to your subscribers to thank them for their interest in what you have to say.

There are many benefits to a good welcome email – we recommend setting up a welcome email for all your subscriber lists.

2013 – The Year of Mobile Marketing Automation

In the past few years, marketing automation applications have become the marketing manager's tool of choice to nuture, score and convert qualified leads.   Marketing automation solutions like Eloqua, Marketo and Pardot have successfully captured market share and driven new opportunity and business for 1000s of B2B marketers. These solutions, however, are web-based and do not complement the use of the "second screen" that many of us carry as smartphones and/or tablets. 

Recent research from Google states that 90% of all media interactions are screen based.  This includes web-based viewing where visitors are commonly engaged in the marketing automation process.  However, Google further states that 38% of daily media interaction is consumed on smartphones.

This data is a reflection of all consumer behavior that also includes business people.  However, as many of the readers of this blog know, business people are equipped with smartphones and/or tablets.   How many of you are viewing this content on a smartphone or tablet right now?

Based on the Google research and other research we have found, it is evident that marketers are missing the "mark" if they are not including mobile users in their marketing automation plans.   We produced similar research on viewer behavior of recorded webinar content this year and found that 55% of webinar recorded views were on mobile devices.  We believe that similar percentages of prospects may be missed in marketing automation activities. 

Email is a component of marketing automation, but do opens and click-throughs of email content really constitute a response to a "call-to-action" (CTA) ?   With video the primary mobile content consumed by millions daily, how can you combine mobile video and a CTA to capture the mobile viewer response at the right moment?

The answer is mobile marketing automation.  Mobile marketing automation addresses the large percentage of mobile viewers that existing marketing automation users are missing.  You need a a way to connect, communicate and capture response at the right moment.

Webinar Resources has been an early adopter of mobile marketing solutions and we invite you to learn more about how we can help mobilize your companies' marketing automation efforts.   Contact us at