Monthly Archives: February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day QRCombo

Valentines Day's will always have a special place in our heart as we announced our QRCombo application one year ago today –   This unique application combines mobile video and a call-to-action lead form in one QRCode. 

Since our announcement, we have discovered many new use cases for QRCombo and our MobExMe mobile platform.  Restaurants are now using QRCombo to drive traffic by combining mobile video with a menu of several options to reach out to them (that appears on the second scan).   Now that we have combined Brainshark's new HTML5 player with our QRCombo application, we can deliver relevant content and capture response at the right moment in one scan.

Businesses are using QRCombo to capture leads using lead forms from Salesforce, ExactTarget and our new ExactTarget partner, Pardot.   A whole new world of mobile automation is opening up and we are excited to bring our mobile mix to the market to build revenue, relationships and renewals.

So we thought it fitting today to develop a unique Valentine's application that is powered by QRCombo and ExactTarget landing pages.   Today we are announcing a new QRCombo solution that combines photo and mobile phone sharing capabilities.  We have wrapped it up in a QR code heart –   Scan the QR code and share two unique photos with one unique person.   Be creative as you want.   You can upload existing photos or take live photos with your partner.   We have opened up the platform so it is open to your creativity and we have made it easy for you to create and share you own memorable mobile moment.   This is just the beginning of a our mobile roadmap and transformation into a new company – MobExMe TMMobile Media Made Easy TM.  Stay tuned!