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Blending the Best to Build Your Business

Welcome to the blog of Mark Rice+.  I am the Managing Director of Webinar Resources and MobExMe (our mobile affiliate).  We deliver dynamic mobile and marketing automation solutions to help your company  amplify awareness, enhance the user experience and capture response at the right moment.    Our goal at Webinar Resources and MobExMe is to provide useful content, best practices and solutions that you can put into action to deliver relevant marketing communications through reliable multi-channels.

We also will have guest authors on this blog who partner with us to enhance our offerings of solutions and services.  We blend the best in partners, solutions, channels and services that you need to manage effective and efficient marketing campaigns.  

Through our partnerships with Brainshark and Pardot, we provide mobile marketing solutions that will allow you to score, grade and convert prospects to qualified leads.   We leverage our partner solutions with our own unique MobExMe platform that captures and tracks mobile activity.

As an ExactTarget partner, we provide managed services to support the planning and execution of successful marketing campaigns.   We have experts that can integrate your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems with mobile platforms and marketing automation solutions.

We hope you visit us often and can learn from our years of experience in marketing, sales enablement, technology and managed services.   You can scan the QR code above to learn more about our solutions and scan a second time to reach out to us or visit – on your mobile device.

Let Google+ Author Rank Put You at the Top

News you can use from Mark Rice+   I have been seeing a lot of faces pop up when I run an organic search in Google.  After a recent call with my account manager at Compendium, I discovered that I can link by blog with Author Rank in my Google+ account and my smiling face will appear next to my blogs.  Here is an example below that links the Google+ account of my account manager, Melanie Ramsey to her blog.  Pretty nice Melanie   I have got to try this..

Unfortunately, it takes a few days for the Google+ linkage to take effect.   I will check in later this week and do an organic search on MobExMeTM which is a new startup we are launching.  St. Louis is becoming a hot bed for entrepreneurs in the last eighteen months. I believe the spark was ignited with the St. Louis Arch Grants program that was launched two years ago. There was a great program on our local PBS station that focused on entrepreneurial ventures in St. Louis and this video provides insight on the explosive growth of St. Louis startups.

We are reaching out into ways of delivering dynamic mobile and marketing automation solutions that amplify awareness, enhance the user experience and capture response at the right moment.   Stay tuned!

Managing Embedded Brainshark Presentations on Your Website

Years ago, I set out to find a way to embed a Brainshark presentation into a registration site.  It was a poor user experience to have the registrant view a presentation and then navigate to another page to register.  The goal was to keep the registrant in what we called the "registration space" – just as I am demonstrating below.   You can view this video without exiting our "blog space".

We recently designed and delivered a homepage "facelift" and social media "tuneup" for one of our customers.  We enhanced their website by adding rotating slides with call to actions on the homepage (the facelift) and added social media links to their website (tuneup).   The customer also had a few Brainshark videos that we produced and hosted on our site.

As we wanted visitors to stay on the video page, we were challenged with displaying several Brainshark presentations on one page.  The solution was to develop a menu selector that launches and displays different embedded Brainshark presentations in one embedded window.  You can see the embedded Brainshark menu selector here.  Now visitors to the customer video page can easily select the video they wish to view.  

This application resulted in a better user experience and freed up space on the customer's web page.   We also developed a mobile site and utilized a folder view to display the customer Brainshark mobile videos.

If you wish to learn more about our homepage facelift and social media tuneup services, reach out to us at

Never Underestimate the Power of Personalization and Persistence

We have all received snail mail with our first name in an enclosed letter.  "Mark", you have won $1,000,000 dollars!.  How I wish.   However, marketers have used email marketing to capture response at the right moment by using personalization.   It is a known fact that recipients are more likely to open email that is more relevant and targeted towards their business.

We recently supported one of our customers with an email campaign with specific content that was targeted towards decision makers and influencers in their customer accounts.  Even though the content was personalized to to the specific persona, we did not see the open rate we anticipated.  After reviewing the results and content, we decided to include the company name of each recipient into the subject line.

The open rate for emails delivered with the company name in the subject line increased by 11.5%.   Based on this response, we determined that the use of the company name made the emails more targeted and relevant to the recipients. 

Capturing response at the right time is critical to breaking through the noise barriers created by competing marketing messages.  Use a variety of multi-channels and personalization techniques to increase reach and response with content that resonates with your recipients.

Using Google Custom Campaigns and Short Urls in a Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

In my last blog post I described how I was planning a multi-channel campaign using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, printed materials, QR codes, a mobile-optimized web site, my e-newsletter and postcards. I am using Google campaign tagging along with short urls to see which channels are the most effective.

To make use of Google Campaign tagging, first create a Google Analytics account for yourself if you don't already have one and put the Google Analytics code on your web pages.  Your webmaster can help you add the Google Analytics code if you need assistance.

Next, add a question mark to the end of any urls you want to track and add tags for "campaign", "medium" and "source" as in this example. There are five available codes but you can do a lot with just these three. (If the question mark does not work, try an & sign instead, that worked for me on one type of url.) The bold part is the campaign code added to the original url.

campaign – is what you select as the identifier for the whole campaign. For example for my clearance sale I picked "clearance2013".

source – is where the traffic is coming from.

medium – is what type of media was used, for example two urls could be on the same web site but one is a banner and one is a link so I could use "banner" for one and "link" for the other.

Here are what two of my urls look like that are for the clearance sale campaign, coming from the web site but one is a banner and one is a link. The bold part is the campaign code added to the original url:

For more help with Google Custom Campaigns, see the Google documentation.

Long urls such as those are fine for situations where the end user cannot see them, but for a printed advertisement or a social media post that is too long and confusing. You can use a url shortening service, such as the one offered by MobExMeTMQR Code Generator and URL Shortener, to generate one of the above urls into something like this:

Once your campaign is underway, you can check Google Analytics to review and analyze detailed tracking data. Log into Google Analytics then go to "Traffic Sources", "Sources", then "Campaigns". You will see a graph of visits with a list of your campaigns below it. Click on the name of the campagin to see more detailed information. All of the parts of my campaign are not yet built but some parts are working already and have left a record in my stats:

Google Custom Campaign Tags

This information will be very valuable to me the next time I plan a multi-channel marketing campaign!