Monthly Archives: July 2013

Why I’m Excited About the Shift from the Destination Web to the Social Web

Imagine moving through your day and having instant access to the best experts available to assist you with every single decision you need or want to make. It may be a different expert for each decision. Your network will be easily tiered and compartmentalized depending on your need at the time. Where should I eat for lunch? Which hotel should I stay in on my upcoming vacation? Is the conference I plan on attending worth my time? Which phone service is best for me? Anything that you may rely on a search engine for today will be done faster and with a better average outcome than you get right now.  This is the promise of the social web.


            Imagine also that you have high confidence that these experts have your best interests in mind. They are your handpicked, trusted network. They’ve got your back. They likely have helped you in the past and they likely will help you again and again in the future. They will introduce you to others like them that you will start to trust over time as you have more frequent and positive interactions with them. There are no short cuts to building trusted relationships, however, technology and your core trusted network can enable you to easily find more people that you can start to engage with and test out lower risk interactions with before you move them to your trusted network status for higher risk decisions.


“What’s the catch", you may be asking right about now.  The catch is that only YOU can build your trusted network. This revolution cannot be outsourced or delegated. It requires effort from you to choose your social channels and develop your unique strategy for building and scaling your trusted network. The catch is that if you don’t build your network you will be forced to depend on passive search results delivered by machine algorithms optimized for delivering shareholder value.  You’ll be forced to rely on untrusted product and service reviews that may or may not be authentic. Every person on the planet that wants to scale their trusted social network to enhance their daily lives will need to learn how to use tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more in order to engage and build, and maintain their trusted networks. This is a marathon not a sprint. If you haven’t started yet, start today. If you have started already, keep on going. The responsibility of the social web is great but the payoff is much greater.