Monthly Archives: October 2013

Pair-Programming Speeds Time-to-Market for Launching New Applications

At MobExMe, we are jump-starting our development through the use of a "paired-programming" approach sponsored by LaunchCode. MobExMe, along with 100 companies in St. Louis, has agreed to participate in this inaugural tech talent development program.

Jim McKelvey (co-founder of Square) came to the T-REx facility where MobExMe and 70 other startups are located, and made his pitch for LaunchCode to a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs. We found that it is not only the large companies that are thirsting for tech talent, it's also the small startups that need experienced coders that can take a functional design spec and build a prototype application that could secure customers and investors. Rather than engage an in-experienced programmer externally, we were approached by another entrepreneur who co-founded his own startup.  

 We have heard that pair-programming can be an effective way to bring an in-experienced programmer up to speed in a few short months,   Square and other Silicon Valley companies have successfully implemented this program which has resulted in tighter code, less errors and accelerated development.   We are excited about our co-participation in the LaunchCode program. LaunchCode will be an interesting approach to building the information technology talents within a startup community.  We will keep you up to date on our pair-programming activities on this blog.