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How To Make Backgrounds in Brainshark Presentations Match Your Web Site

by Carolyn Hasenfratz

When you use the “Embed” command to place a Brainshark interactive web  presentation on your web site, the default background color for the introductory animation is blue, and the default background color for the slide portion of your presentation is gray. These are nice colors, but you might prefer using the background color of your web site instead.

I have made a sample page of a Brainshark presentation with the default colors on a web page with a lime green background. It takes a brave person to use lime green as a background color, but it’s definitely good for demonstration purposes!

Here is a second page showing the blue and gray background colors in the presentation replaced by the lime green background color on the web page.

How is this done? First, find out the hexidecimal code for the background color on your web site. If you’re not sure, see my article What the Hex?! How to Match Documents to the Colors of Your Company’s Web Site for help.

Next, open the html page that contains the embedded Brainshark presentation in a plain text editor. Look for the following code snippets, and replace the highlighted six-number sequences with your chosen hexidecimal color code:
    Brainshark background color code
    Brainshark background color code

To see other modifications you can make to the code, click the link “Additional URL Parameters” when the Embed dialog box is open in Brainshark.