Free 10-day Trial and Launch of QRCombo

Capture, Communicate, ConnectToday Webinar Resources announced QRComboTM, a QR code capture process that accelerates and combines delivery of mobile marketing communications with quick lead response.

Existing QR code generators provide one destination for delivering a variety of mobile content but lack the ability to provide a two-step action that is necessary to capture leads.  QRCombo adds another layer of “quick response” by combining both processes into one QR Code. Self-produced or professional mobile video content can now be linked to popular lead capture forms generated from cloud applications such as Salesforce, ExactTarget, Marketo, Eloqua and PayPal Mobile.

The Florida Wildlife Foundation has linked a short animated video with their PayPal mobile page using QRCombo. They plan to print the QRCombo code on business cards, brochures and outdoor panels to communicate their appeal for supporting the Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network (FYCCN).  During the video, the viewer is prompted to "rescan" the QRCombo code if they wish to support the FYCCN programs through a donation.

Webinar Resources offers a FREE 10 Day trial of the QRCombo application. To learn more about QRCombo, visit to see live applications or to start the Free 10 day trial.

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