Good things come in pairs — like QR Codes and Mobile Lead Generation

This morning on my walk with my dog, I was greeted with a "double rainbow".   As many of you have probably seen the video that has become a "meme", I felt like the guy in the video.   "Double rainbow!   Look Bella, it's a double rainbow". 

Lots of good things come in pairs and some bring unique experiences into our lives.  At webinar resources we are pairing up mobile content with mobile lead generation solutions to create engaging and effective user experiences.  Our QRCombo solution combines the engaging experience of mobile video with an effective and efficient process to conveniently capture leads while the mobile message is relevant to the viewer.  By using one QR code for reliable delivery, you can connect, communicate and capture leads, opportunities and cash.   Customers and Cash, now that is a golden pair that every business would want to find at the end of a rainbow.

Learn more and do more with QR codes.   Visit our QRCombo Trial site at and create your own QRCombo code.   You can also spend a little time and money and learn how to create QR codes and remove the risk of a first-time failure in our online learning module at



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