How to Create QR Codes that Deliver Quick Results

Almost 42% of the 98 million mobile subscribers in the US are now using smartphones and half of these subscribers are daily consuming a mix of digital content.  The mobile screen has become a reliable channel to deliver relevant content to connect, communicate and capture new opportunities.
QR (Quick Response) codes provide a great mobile gateway between the offline and online worlds and more companies are adopting their use to reach out to their mobile audience.   However, we continually see QR failures in our weekly #QRchat.   Companies that wish to promote their brand or instead "branded" with the hashtag #qrfail or worse, end up in the WTF QR Code website when their execution of QR codes fails.
There really is not a reason to fail when planning and executing QR code campaigns.  You just need to follow some simple rules.   Webinar Resources has assembled many of these rules and has designed and launched an online training module – "How to Create QR Codes that Deliver Quick Results".   We have posted this unique Brainshark presentation on the @Brainshark Learning Content Network.   We say unique, as this learning module was designed to allow participants to:
  • Learn more about creating effective QR codes by seeing examples
  • Download recent and relevant content with their smartphone during training
  • View recorded demonstrations of creating QR codes for Brainshark and YouTube mobile videos
  • View recorded demonstrations of how to scan QR codes that launch Brainshark and YouTube videos
  • Respond to questions in 5 different quizzes
  • Create and track their own QR code using our MobExMe platform during the training session

So if you want to be successful with QR codes, then make a small investment of time and money and take this short 27 training module and walk away with knowledge and your own trackable QR code to promote your business.

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