How to Create QR Codes that Generate Quick Results

We see it time and again.  Another company fails at creating a useful user experience using QR codes.   QR Codes provide a bridge between the physical world (atoms) and the digital world (bits).  In his book "Being Digital", Nicholas Negroponte quotes the fundamental difference between bits and atoms.   Some companies like China, are in the atoms business as they move physical merchandise.  India, on the other hand, its in the bits business as they provide software services and outsourcing. 

Most of you reading this blog are in the bits business but print (atoms) is still a powerful medium to deliver content and QR codes are an effective tool to bridge information in bits through atoms printed on physical material.

Whether you are dealing with bits or atoms, the importance is to understand how to manage the delivery and the experience you wish to convey.  This is where many companies fail when they create and deliver their first QR code.  

Webinar Resources has designed a short learning module that will help you to understand how to create QR codes that deliver quick results – "How to Create QR Codes that Generate Quick Results"

  • Learn more about creating effective QR codes by seeing examples
  • Download recent and relevant content with your smartphone during training
  • View recorded demonstrations of creating QR codes for Brainshark and YouTube mobile videos
  • View recorded demonstrations of how to scan QR codes that launch Brainshark and YouTube videos
  • Respond to questions in 5 different quizzes
  • Create and track your own QR code using our MobExMe platform during the training session

So if you want to be successful with QR codes, then make a small investment of time and money and take this short twenty-seven minute learning module and walk away with knowledge and your own trackable QR code to promote your business.

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