QR Code Shopping Walls – Fizzle or Sizzle?

QR Codes continue to withstand initial mobile campaigns that were poorly executed.   I omit the word "plan" as many marketers started off with no strategy behind their use of QR codes during their quick entry into the US market in the last two years.   Marketers are now learning that QR codes are an effective bridge from various print media to relevant and targeted digital marketing content.   Declaring their death and demise is still premature.

The most recent use of QR codes that shows promise is the growth of QR-Code enabled shopping walls.   Many of us QR code spotters first became aware of a QR code shopping wall two years ago when an blog was posted about a QR code shopping wall in Korea.  One of our #qrchat members became an early adopter and erected one of the first QR code shopping walls at McCain mall in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Capturing response (and cash) at the right moment from QR Code-enabled shopping walls is a great idea and great use for QR codes.   Over 30% of smartphone users are looking for new ways to engage in that "mobile moment" where they can receive coupons, discounts or tickets by scanning QR codes.  Marketers need to "plan before the scan" and create user experiences that will stick like velcro and continue to attract mobile shoppers.  Slapping QR codes on store walls without a strategy will only lead to failure (#qrfail) and fizzle.  Don't disappoint your mobile audience.  Make your application sizzle or you may end up the next QR code "fizzle" slapped all over the QR code blogs.   Let's hope QR code shopping walls do not see an early grave.

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