QR Codes – a New Way to View Mobile Webinar Trailers

Webinar Wednesday Trailer QR Code
QR codes bridge the print and mobile worlds and have opened another channel to communicate content and reach a wider audience.   QR Codes, like the one to the left, can be used to launch mobile webinar trailer content that we produce in the Brainshark rich media platform.

A webinar trailer is a short, multi-media, promotional invitation that is distributed to potential registrants over the web.   With QR codes, we add print media to our multi-channel mix.   Email, web, mobile, social and print are now avenues for reaching and acquiring potential webinar registrants.

We used to think that webinar trailers communicated content at the speed of light.   QR codes are accessed through the speed of the camera shutter and the light sensors built into your smartphone.   Now we are acquiring webinar registrants at the speed of light with QR Codes.

You can access the webinar trailer at http://mobex.me/webwed.

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