Share Your News with Social Forward

ExactTarget's (now Salesforce) Social Forward feature enables email recipients to share content from ExactTarget emails with other users via their preferred social network. You can choose the sections of the email for which you want to enable Social Forward and which networks are represented by links and images in the email itself.

We are using this great application to support a start-up in Silicon Valley. The company is about to launch a campaign on a crowdfunding site and we are supporting the launch with social forward links in ExactTarget emails. Social forward makes it easy to share a specific content block of text in an email. The recipient simply needs to select their preferred social channel to share the content. Social Forward also tracks any clicks from an email to a social network and the resulting page views from the URL shared by the email recipient.

We made it easy for you to try out Social Forward. You can share this post by selecting your preferred social channel below. We would appreciate it if you would include the hash tag #MobExMe in your posts.  You will also get a 10% discount on a holiday eCard – see be the Services section below for more information.

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