Marketing Automation Made Easy

Are you currently using or considering a marketing automation solution?  If you are seeking  a solution that captures, scores and nurtures leads from email to web with automatic updates to your CRM and mobile devices in the field, then you are ready for marketing automation.

Taking email and web analytics to a new level, marketing automation provides a “hands-off” platform for companies that are struggling with limited marketing resources.

Send a Holiday eCard to your Customers

It is getting near the holidays and this is a great time to reach out to your customers with a holiday eCard.  Take the time to show your customers you appreciate them and wish them joy, peace, good heath and prosperity for the coming year.  After all, it is the customer that keeps you in business.

We are extending a special offer to our customers to help you create an affordable and engaging holiday eCard.   It can be a simple one slide message or an animated slide with music backgrounds.

All eCards are produced in the Brainshark application and include a link and splash image that you can email. We can also provide you information on who viewed your eCard so you can follow up with your customer in the new year.  Also, all eCards are mobilized so you can catch those busy customers on the run or that take early holidays.  Contact us for more information.  






Share Your News with Social Forward

ExactTarget's (now Salesforce) Social Forward feature enables email recipients to share content from ExactTarget emails with other users via their preferred social network. You can choose the sections of the email for which you want to enable Social Forward and which networks are represented by links and images in the email itself.

We are using this great application to support a start-up in Silicon Valley. The company is about to launch a campaign on a crowdfunding site and we are supporting the launch with social forward links in ExactTarget emails. Social forward makes it easy to share a specific content block of text in an email. The recipient simply needs to select their preferred social channel to share the content. Social Forward also tracks any clicks from an email to a social network and the resulting page views from the URL shared by the email recipient.

We made it easy for you to try out Social Forward. You can share this post by selecting your preferred social channel below. We would appreciate it if you would include the hash tag #MobExMe in your posts.  You will also get a 10% discount on a holiday eCard – see be the Services section below for more information.

Pair-Programming Speeds Time-to-Market for Launching New Applications

At MobExMe, we are jump-starting our development through the use of a "paired-programming" approach sponsored by LaunchCode. MobExMe, along with 100 companies in St. Louis, has agreed to participate in this inaugural tech talent development program.

Jim McKelvey (co-founder of Square) came to the T-REx facility where MobExMe and 70 other startups are located, and made his pitch for LaunchCode to a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs. We found that it is not only the large companies that are thirsting for tech talent, it's also the small startups that need experienced coders that can take a functional design spec and build a prototype application that could secure customers and investors. Rather than engage an in-experienced programmer externally, we were approached by another entrepreneur who co-founded his own startup.  

 We have heard that pair-programming can be an effective way to bring an in-experienced programmer up to speed in a few short months,   Square and other Silicon Valley companies have successfully implemented this program which has resulted in tighter code, less errors and accelerated development.   We are excited about our co-participation in the LaunchCode program. LaunchCode will be an interesting approach to building the information technology talents within a startup community.  We will keep you up to date on our pair-programming activities on this blog.

Shake the Shark on Shark Week

We thought we would add a little fun to the festivities of #SharkWeek.  Scan the QR code or visit and shake the shark on your smartphone.   Watch the landscape around the @Brainshark shark change from sky blue to a deep sea.   Move your phone like a shark would move and have fun.

Make sure you save the #shaketheshark web app as a home screen icon as directed.   Open your saved shark home screen and the url bar will disappear.   Take the shark along to meetings, concerts or just enjoy a night walk with the shark.   This web app works best on iOS devices (iPhone, iPod) but can also play on Android devices with later software versions.

Why I’m Excited About the Shift from the Destination Web to the Social Web

Imagine moving through your day and having instant access to the best experts available to assist you with every single decision you need or want to make. It may be a different expert for each decision. Your network will be easily tiered and compartmentalized depending on your need at the time. Where should I eat for lunch? Which hotel should I stay in on my upcoming vacation? Is the conference I plan on attending worth my time? Which phone service is best for me? Anything that you may rely on a search engine for today will be done faster and with a better average outcome than you get right now.  This is the promise of the social web.


            Imagine also that you have high confidence that these experts have your best interests in mind. They are your handpicked, trusted network. They’ve got your back. They likely have helped you in the past and they likely will help you again and again in the future. They will introduce you to others like them that you will start to trust over time as you have more frequent and positive interactions with them. There are no short cuts to building trusted relationships, however, technology and your core trusted network can enable you to easily find more people that you can start to engage with and test out lower risk interactions with before you move them to your trusted network status for higher risk decisions.


“What’s the catch", you may be asking right about now.  The catch is that only YOU can build your trusted network. This revolution cannot be outsourced or delegated. It requires effort from you to choose your social channels and develop your unique strategy for building and scaling your trusted network. The catch is that if you don’t build your network you will be forced to depend on passive search results delivered by machine algorithms optimized for delivering shareholder value.  You’ll be forced to rely on untrusted product and service reviews that may or may not be authentic. Every person on the planet that wants to scale their trusted social network to enhance their daily lives will need to learn how to use tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more in order to engage and build, and maintain their trusted networks. This is a marathon not a sprint. If you haven’t started yet, start today. If you have started already, keep on going. The responsibility of the social web is great but the payoff is much greater.



QR Code Shopping Walls – Fizzle or Sizzle?

QR Codes continue to withstand initial mobile campaigns that were poorly executed.   I omit the word "plan" as many marketers started off with no strategy behind their use of QR codes during their quick entry into the US market in the last two years.   Marketers are now learning that QR codes are an effective bridge from various print media to relevant and targeted digital marketing content.   Declaring their death and demise is still premature.

The most recent use of QR codes that shows promise is the growth of QR-Code enabled shopping walls.   Many of us QR code spotters first became aware of a QR code shopping wall two years ago when an blog was posted about a QR code shopping wall in Korea.  One of our #qrchat members became an early adopter and erected one of the first QR code shopping walls at McCain mall in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Capturing response (and cash) at the right moment from QR Code-enabled shopping walls is a great idea and great use for QR codes.   Over 30% of smartphone users are looking for new ways to engage in that "mobile moment" where they can receive coupons, discounts or tickets by scanning QR codes.  Marketers need to "plan before the scan" and create user experiences that will stick like velcro and continue to attract mobile shoppers.  Slapping QR codes on store walls without a strategy will only lead to failure (#qrfail) and fizzle.  Don't disappoint your mobile audience.  Make your application sizzle or you may end up the next QR code "fizzle" slapped all over the QR code blogs.   Let's hope QR code shopping walls do not see an early grave.

Blending the Best to Build Your Business

Welcome to the blog of Mark Rice+.  I am the Managing Director of Webinar Resources and MobExMe (our mobile affiliate).  We deliver dynamic mobile and marketing automation solutions to help your company  amplify awareness, enhance the user experience and capture response at the right moment.    Our goal at Webinar Resources and MobExMe is to provide useful content, best practices and solutions that you can put into action to deliver relevant marketing communications through reliable multi-channels.

We also will have guest authors on this blog who partner with us to enhance our offerings of solutions and services.  We blend the best in partners, solutions, channels and services that you need to manage effective and efficient marketing campaigns.  

Through our partnerships with Brainshark and Pardot, we provide mobile marketing solutions that will allow you to score, grade and convert prospects to qualified leads.   We leverage our partner solutions with our own unique MobExMe platform that captures and tracks mobile activity.

As an ExactTarget partner, we provide managed services to support the planning and execution of successful marketing campaigns.   We have experts that can integrate your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems with mobile platforms and marketing automation solutions.

We hope you visit us often and can learn from our years of experience in marketing, sales enablement, technology and managed services.   You can scan the QR code above to learn more about our solutions and scan a second time to reach out to us or visit – on your mobile device.

Let Google+ Author Rank Put You at the Top

News you can use from Mark Rice+   I have been seeing a lot of faces pop up when I run an organic search in Google.  After a recent call with my account manager at Compendium, I discovered that I can link by blog with Author Rank in my Google+ account and my smiling face will appear next to my blogs.  Here is an example below that links the Google+ account of my account manager, Melanie Ramsey to her blog.  Pretty nice Melanie   I have got to try this..

Unfortunately, it takes a few days for the Google+ linkage to take effect.   I will check in later this week and do an organic search on MobExMeTM which is a new startup we are launching.  St. Louis is becoming a hot bed for entrepreneurs in the last eighteen months. I believe the spark was ignited with the St. Louis Arch Grants program that was launched two years ago. There was a great program on our local PBS station that focused on entrepreneurial ventures in St. Louis and this video provides insight on the explosive growth of St. Louis startups.

We are reaching out into ways of delivering dynamic mobile and marketing automation solutions that amplify awareness, enhance the user experience and capture response at the right moment.   Stay tuned!

Managing Embedded Brainshark Presentations on Your Website

Years ago, I set out to find a way to embed a Brainshark presentation into a registration site.  It was a poor user experience to have the registrant view a presentation and then navigate to another page to register.  The goal was to keep the registrant in what we called the "registration space" – just as I am demonstrating below.   You can view this video without exiting our "blog space".

We recently designed and delivered a homepage "facelift" and social media "tuneup" for one of our customers.  We enhanced their website by adding rotating slides with call to actions on the homepage (the facelift) and added social media links to their website (tuneup).   The customer also had a few Brainshark videos that we produced and hosted on our site.

As we wanted visitors to stay on the video page, we were challenged with displaying several Brainshark presentations on one page.  The solution was to develop a menu selector that launches and displays different embedded Brainshark presentations in one embedded window.  You can see the embedded Brainshark menu selector here.  Now visitors to the customer video page can easily select the video they wish to view.  

This application resulted in a better user experience and freed up space on the customer's web page.   We also developed a mobile site and utilized a folder view to display the customer Brainshark mobile videos.

If you wish to learn more about our homepage facelift and social media tuneup services, reach out to us at