Social Media in Business – Part of 2 of 4: LEVELS OF AVAILABILITY

Believe it or not, there ARE still some business today that don’t have a web site or email yet, but these days there are even more communication choices. When doing a web marketing proposal now I would ask clients if they want, in addition to a web site, email marketing, possibly with personalized images or landing pages, a blog, interactive Brainshark presentations, and Vontoo voice messaging. I would ask them if they participate in services such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, or photo sharing sites and if so are they interested in those services playing a role in their overall customer acquisition strategy.

Mega Bytes Delicious Syndicated Candies

So now we have many more ways for people to contact each other, and yes it can be confusing. I’m still trying to sort out what all those little “chicklets” (a slang term for a button that users click on to save, catalog, and share information or to download something) you see all over the web mean. One thing I know they do mean is extra control for the consumer of your content. For example, on this Webinar Resources Blog, readers can come to this web page to read the content. Or, they can click the orange “chicklet” in the right-hand column to get the feed link to this blog, and paste that into the feed aggregator of their choice. I’m just beginning to learn myself all the things that can be done with feeds and it’s entirely possible people might be reading this blog post in ways I haven’t even heard of yet.

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